3 Real Reasons Why Your Job Sucks (And What To Do About It)

Surely, you’ve sat down with a friend and a drink and talked about why your job sucks. Related: How To Conquer The 3 Stages Of Your Dream Job Journey Drinking and laughing away your sorrows with friends can help temporarily... But, let me ask you this: Have you ever tried to determine the root cause of the problem? See, what most people don’t know is that the real reason why you and your job don’t get along is often hidden below a few layers of surface reasons like this... And in this article, I’m going to show you how to identify those reasons, offer up a few common ones, and give you a free resource for getting a job you LOVE. Sound good? Great. First, let’s start out with…

How To Identify The Real Reasons Your Job Sucks

Just like Ogres and onions… jobs have layers. On the surface, you’re getting a paycheck, which you may perceive to be fair or unfair. You work with people, who you like or dislike... And you perform certain tasks, which either bore or engage you. When most people talk about disliking their job, these are typically the things they list. Yet, let’s peel back a layer… because what we find underneath may surprise you. At the core of whether you like or dislike your job are your values and beliefs about yourself.

3 Common Reasons Why You Might Dislike Your Job

If you’re doing work that aligns with what you care about most and what you believe you’re worth, then you’ll be happy. If not, then you won’t be.

1. It’s Not Meaningful

As human beings, we’re wired to want to do something that matters. If you feel like your work doesn’t make some kind of positive difference in the world, then that’s likely one of the core reasons you’re not happy at work. In fact, people will often take a pay cut in exchange for doing work they absolutely love that really serves others. So, if you feel like you’re not getting paid what you deserve, AND your work isn’t meaningful - then this could be the real reason why your job sucks.

2. You’re Not Developing Mastery

Another key human desire is to grow and develop mastery. If you’re at a standstill at work and don’t feel like you’re improving, then this could be the core value that’s tugging at your soul to make a change.

3. There’s No Life In Your Work

There are a few really great things about life that we typically treasure, and our work can either snub those out or nourish them. For example, having the freedom to be ourselves, and the autonomy to help create a flexible work schedule - while doing tasks that challenge us - is really important. Having some fun in the workplace through team events or parties is always nice… And most importantly, feeling like you’re living your life in a way that makes you feel happy and healthy. For all of us, time is our most precious resource. So, if your job sucks and you resonate with one or more of these common reasons, then I’d consider making a change. And if you want a little help along the way to figure out and take that next step, I’ve put together a free video here with some more helpful information on how to get a job you LOVE. Here’s to choosing to live our lives to the fullest, and doing work we love.

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