5 Great Places To Work Abroad

The benefits of living and working abroad are evident to anyone who has ever considered the move: increased salary and employment opportunities, 'package' perks, lower living costs, and often – depending on where you're from – much nicer weather. While it's not a quick or easy decision to make, becoming an ex-pat can deliver career-boosting work experience or even just the chance to save a little cash for the future. Here are a few of the best places to work abroad:

1. United Arab Emirates

Continually topping the charts for quality of living, the UAE has built up a steady community of ex-pats over the years and there are lots of reasons to keep them coming. With tax exemptions and brilliant ownership rights if you own a start-up, foreign companies really have a chance to blossom here. Add to this Dubai's bubbling social scene, vast networking opportunities and attractive lifestyle and it's no wonder the country offers such an appealing package.

2. Bahrain

Bahrain's oil-based economy was booming long before any of its Gulf neighbours but recent times have seen much diversification into tourism, heavy industry and banking. Known as one of the most liberal states around these parts female professionals are particularly well-received with a number of women high up in public service and business. Skilled candidates can also expect some of the best work and benefits packages in the world, while local branches of major international banks will make international trade for your company much easier.

3. Qatar

The capital of Qatar, Doha, is one of the most affordable places to work abroad, with accommodation and living costs significantly lower than those of cities in the UAE. Areas such as real estate are receiving attention and cash flow, despite the major gas and oil industries, while the 'Education City' project just outside the capital is encouraging collaboration between academics and business, in a variety of different fields. With the unemployment rate in 2011 at just 0.5 %, this is a country with wealth and prospects to be tapped.

4. Oman

Oman has much to recommend it to the foreign worker: good safety records, stunning countryside, welcoming locals, and political stability. Salaries are not subject to income tax, Muscat offers decent global banking facilities and positions in the medical, education and oil industries are all available for overseas candidates. Recent legislation has also made it possible for foreign nationals to buy property here, with reasonable housing prices offering a real long-term investment.

5. Jordan

While Jordan may not have the powerhouse economy of some of the neighboring states, its tourist sector is thriving, its people are particularly encouraging of skilled immigrants and its living costs are surprisingly low. Education is a big buzz word here, and as English is so prevalent, native speakers are always in demand, leading to good teaching posts which often come with arranged housing and other perks. The school system also has an excellent reputation and the crime rate is minimal, if you're looking for something a bit more permanent. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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