You Can Do So Much Better Than That… At Work

You Can Do So Much Better Than That… At Work

After every performance review, you commit to performing at a higher level so you can finally make some headway in your career. Does this scenario sound familiar? How do some people out-perform the rest? Related: 5 Performance Review Tips There is no secret. It’s a formula anyone can follow. Because – really – you can do so much better!

Goal Setting

This is a reminder that everyone needs. Life and work become so busy that many don’t make time to devise a strategy and plan to meet goals. A goal is your touchstone. It is where you turn when things seem to go adrift in your career.


Concentration is a matter of directing your attention earnestly toward an activity. This is one part of the formula where many fall short. Face it, if you cannot concentrate, you cannot reach peak productivity or quality. Living a healthy lifestyle helps tremendously. Get plenty of rest, eat nutritiously, and exercise. Another tip is to take a break from your work to get some fresh air. You’ll return invigorated.


Almost every job, especially as you climb the ladder of success, requires strong communication and interpersonal skills. You may be an engineering wizard, but if you can’t get along with your boss or peers, you will be limited. Practice communicating in a clear, concise, and respectful manner.


Are you known for dodging phone calls when you are late with your deliverables? Don’t be that person! Your manager, co-workers, and clients appreciate timely follow-up. Missing a deadline can annoy those waiting on you, but lack of follow-up can damage your brand. When you commit to a time frame – stick to it. Make good follow-up a habit. This can be your formula for success. After you set a goal, concentrate, communicate well, and follow-up and you will see a difference in your performance. If you feel yourself going astray, simply connect with your goal and adjust your strategy. Practice leads to excellence. You will be more productive and better able to meet the deliverables and timelines to increased success. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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