Why Learning To Work With Younger Generations Is So Important

Did you know that there are four generations in the workplace? That’s right. And if you want to have a satisfying career, you’ve got to learn how to work with ALL of them. Related: It Takes More Than Experience To Get A Job This can be challenging for many professionals. Why? Because each generation has a different way of looking at work and a different definition of accountability. This is causing lots of friction between the “old schoolers” and the “new schoolers,” which can be detrimental to both your work relationships and productivity. As a seasoned worker who’s had years and years of experience in your field, it can be tough to watch someone straight out of college excel in front of your eyes, and easy to shut down new, innovative ideas with the excuse, “We’ve always done it this way.” What you might not realize, though, is that frustration you’re feeling is being projected to your co-workers, especially those who you feel are overstepping their professional bounds. You’ll look intimidating to them and, instead of seeing you as a helpful resource, they’ll see you as the grumpy, old co-worker who has a huge problem adjusting to the times. And your co-workers aren’t the only ones who will see you this way. Employers will, too. This is where you run into issues. If you allow this negative attitude to interfere with your work, people will notice. And trust me, it’s a bad look for you. It hurts your professional brand immensely and it will make it harder for you to find a job. Companies want professionals who are excited and willing to collaborate with employees of all ages because, in the end, it doesn’t matter how old you are - the only thing that matters it that you do a great job at work. So, how can you connect with the younger generation at work? Watch these FREE videos on to find out how you can change your perspective and learn how to work with the younger generations effectively.

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In our new YouTube series, "Well This Happened" it's your turn to be the career coach! What would you do if you asked a coworker when the baby was due and she responded with, "I'm not pregnant." Watch the video and cast your vote b posting a comment on Youtube. We'll select one person from the correct answers at random to win free membership to the Work It Daily program. Good luck!

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If you've ever wondered what a Work It Daily (WID) membership could do for you, a letter we got this week provides a powerful example...

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There are 3 things hiring managers are trying to initially assess about you in the job interview. This video walks you through what they are looking for and offers insights into the right information to give them. Be sure to check out our free resources mentioned in the video too. They are:

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Last week during my Office Hours on Youtube, a client asked about how to deal with a workplace bully. After spending many years in corporate HR, I flipped to the other side and became a career therapist. So, I've seen both sides of this situation in the workplace. In this video, I discuss why people struggle to deal with bullies and what you can do to change the situation instantly.

This week, I did something that truly scared me. I sent an email to over 120,000 Work It Daily newsletter subscribers and asked them to answer the question, "What do we do?"

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A market correction is going to happen. When it does, layoffs will follow. I've been in the HR and recruiting industry for over two decades and have seen three recessions of varying sizes. In the video above, I explain how to tell when a recession is coming and what that means to you and your career. While many people will skip watching this. Or, will watch it and do nothing. I hope YOU are the smart, savvy professional who sees how important it is to prepare for unexpected, unwelcomed career circumstances.

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In this video, you'll learn how to tell if your career is plateauing due to the Executive Blues. You'll also learn what you can do to fix the problem and get your "executive energy" back so you can keep your career on track and set goals to reach new heights of success!

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