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Hopper Is Aiming To Change The Travel Industry​

Hopper cofounders Frederic Lalonde and Joost Ouwerkerk.
(Photo from Hopper)

The days of going to a travel agent and booking a vacation are in the past as technology has made it possible to plan a vacation from your phone. Hopper's mobile app has quickly become a leader in the travel industry and the company's constant thirst for innovation is fueling its growth.

Hopper's Role In The Travel Industry

Hopper associates work on projects in the company's offices.

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Hopper is a mobile-only travel-booking platform that aims to make planning trips a lot easier for customers.

"We are building the most customer-centric travel marketplace on earth. We aspire to help everyone discover the planet we live on by making it cheaper and easier to travel," says the company's mission statement.

The company uses a prediction algorithm that processes trillions of data points, allowing it to make precise and personalized travel recommendations. For example, Hopper says the app can predict future flight and hotel prices with 95% recommendation accuracy and notify customers the instant there's a deal.

Customers can also avoid fees and frustration with Hopper's Flexible Dates and Refundable Ticket Plans. In addition, customers can get instantly rebooked without extra costs if their flight is delayed or they miss a connection with Hopper's Disruption Rebooking Service.

Positions That Hopper Is Looking To Fill 

Hopper is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and also has U.S. locations in Cambridge, Massachusetts, New York, New York, and an international office in Sophia, Bulgaria. Hopper also offers remote work positions. Those interested in remote work should carefully read the job openings or inquire while applying to the company.

Hopper is hiring in several departments including engineering, business development, user experience, product, data science, air, B2B, customer service, finance, ground, and growth. Some positions don't require a college degree.

3 Exciting Things About Working At Hopper

Hopper is positioning itself for the future.

Although the travel industry took a hit in 2020 due to COVID-19, Hopper weathered the storm well and is laying the groundwork for continued expansion in order to compete with other travel giants.

Hopper kicked off 2021 by announcing a partnership with Capital One to create the new and improved Capital One Travel, a brand-new, innovative customer booking experience built for Capital One cardholders.

"Capital One Travel, powered by Hopper, will launch in the second half of 2021 - at a time when travel is expected to make a return. The new portal will pair Hopper's best-in-class technology and capabilities with Capital One's customer-first, digital approach. Capital One Travel will offer a new and innovative way to book travel, including benefits designed specifically for cardholders as they get back to traveling later this year," the company stated in a release announcing the partnership.

Hopper leaders believe the investment that goes along with this partnership will help the company grow and develop new initiatives to accomplish its mission of making travel easier and cheaper for its customers.

Hopper has built a reputation for innovation.

Hopper has spent the last four years on Fast Company's annual list of the "World's Most Innovative Companies in Travel."

Fast Company credited Hopper for constantly adding "intuitive, user-friendly features" to its platform.

"Last year, Hopper built in a price drop guarantee (the company will automatically refund you the difference in any airfare change), in-app cancellation and change capabilities (saving travelers from dreaded calls with customer service lines), and the Next Generation Storefront, in which Hopper tracks prices for competitive business and first-class ticket sales," Fast Company said about Hopper's work in 2020.

Hopper expects that sort of innovation and creativity from its leaders and employees. Creative people tend to thrive at Hopper. For example, Hopper's current workforce includes a ukulele-playing developer, an engineer-turned-data-scientist, and a copywriter-turned-marketer-turned-product-manager, according to the company website.

Leaders at the company have a set of principles they follow, many of which encourage innovation, including:

  • Build for the future, not the present - Leaders understand that building for the future requires taking a long view and that thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Invent and simplify - Leaders accept that when blazing a new trail, it may take a while for others to understand.
  • Combat mediocrity - Leaders know that continuously raising the bar drives teams to deliver high-quality products, services, and processes.

Benefits and perks at Hopper.

Hopper has a culture score of 3.7/5 on job review website Comparably and earned a compensation grade of B-, the website notes that Hopper is in the top 40% of 1808 similar size companies.

Prior to COVID-19, Hopper put a big emphasis on after-work activities and it wasn't uncommon for employees to have board game nights, barbecues, lunch-and-learns, and company-wide offsite events.

Other benefits and perks at Hopper include:

  • Full medical, dental, and vision benefits, life insurance, long and short-term disability plans
  • Company stock options, commuter benefits, 401(k), and RSP retirement savings plan
  • Flexible work schedule and vacation plan, emergency travel assistance, IATA card

Career Opportunities At Hopper

To apply or learn more about working at Hopper, check out the company's careers page.