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ReCharge Is Hiring To Meet The Demand Of A Growing Industry

ReCharge Payments is a remote-first company and is currently hiring.

Not only did 2020 change the shopping experience for consumers, but it led to major growth in e-commerce and subscriptions.

ReCharge Payments has seen that growth first-hand and it's helping them grow their business.

What ReCharge Payments Is Aiming To Accomplish

ReCharge Payments is the leading Shopify subscription solution for online businesses.

"ReCharge is on a mission to reinvent payments for commerce."

The way business is done has evolved through the years with many entrepreneurs running their own e-commerce businesses, particularly through the Shopify platform. Recognizing this growth, ReCharge Payments was established in 2014 to help Shopify merchants with recurring payments.

The company would eventually partner with Shopify Plus and has gone on to become the leading Shopify subscription solution for online businesses, making it easy to transform one-time products into subscription options.

ReCharge Payments continues to grow as subscriptions have started to play a major part in e-commerce businesses.

"We believe subscriptions are a powerful way for consumers to engage with their favorite brands, it lowers the friction around purchasing and builds an ongoing relationship between our customer and their subscribers. This helps our merchants grow their business and increase customer loyalty," the company states in its mission.

A few of ReCharge's well-known customers include Hubble, Battlbox, Fresh Clean Tees, Black Rifle Coffee, and Bulu Box, to name a few. ReCharge currently works with around 15,000 merchants and 20M subscribers.

ReCharge Payments Is Hiring Now


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ReCharge Payments is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA., but it has a remote-first workforce made up of around 250 people. ReCharge Payments is a great career opportunity for anyone interested in building the future of subscription commerce.

Some of the available job opportunities at ReCharge Payments include positions in customer success, support and software engineers, finance & legal, marketing, partnerships, product management, and account executives & sales.

3 Facts About ReCharge Payments

What "virtual-first" means to ReCharge Payments.

ReCharge Payments has been a remote-first company from the start and it has allowed the company to build a global employee base to meet the demand of customers everywhere. Not being limited by location also helps the company's goal of building a diverse workforce.

The company also believes that working remotely enables its employees to have more control, gain autonomy, and achieve balance in their lives. "Above all, we know if you are empowered to pursue your best self at home, you will bring your best self to work," the company states on its website.

ReCharge employees receive a $700 monthly remote-life stipend, which can also be used for health & wellness, or as a coworking space reimbursement if the employee chooses to work in that setting.

ReCharge is leading a growing industry.

One of the major things that ReCharge likes to stress to prospective employees is the fact that they'll be joining an exciting industry at an important time. Subscription e-commerce is expected to hit $478B by 2025 and ReCharge employees have a chance to shape the industry.

With the changes brought on by COVID-19 in 2020, a lot more subscription stores joined the market than ever before, and subscribers grew over 90% year-over-year, according to ReCharge's State of Subscription Commerce 2021 report. While it will be difficult to replicate that level of growth, ReCharge officials believe there won't be a decline in the new baseline of business that has been set and the company is anticipating a lot of new opportunities ahead.

ReCharge has a strong company culture and employee benefits package.

ReCharge has acquired its fair share of positive reviews and scores on As a remote-first company, ReCharge puts a lot of added emphasis on trying new things to keep the company connected and share insights. One way the company does this is through its culture blog. The blog is a great outlet for employees to share their remote work experiences, professional advice, and discuss industry trends or timely topics.

Understanding some of the unique challenges that come with remote work, ReCharge offers its employees unlimited time-off flexibility.

Other ReCharge Payments benefits and perks include:

  • Competitive salaries, equity packages, and a 401(k) offering
  • 100% coverage for medical, dental, vision, and life insurance - for all dependents
  • Generous paid parental leave to eligible employees
  • Annual team & company retreats - past locations include San Diego, Vail, Seattle & Orlando

Career Opportunities At ReCharge

To apply or learn more about working at ReCharge Payments, check out the company's careers page.

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