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Many people in the UK are self-employed purely by choice, while others tend to prefer working in the comfort of their own home despite having the opportunity to work among colleagues in an office environment. Related: How To Improve Office Relationships While working from home can be extremely beneficial when it comes to travel expenses, planning your own time, working to your own agenda, and so on, there are many aspects of working in an office that can’t be mirrored if you’re at home all the time. Here are a few benefits of working in an office environment instead of spending most of your day at home:

1. You Get To Know The Company Better

Having an in-depth knowledge of the company that you work for might not always be necessary, yet in many cases it can give you a much better idea of the approach the business is looking to take and what its long-term plan is. By working from home, you restrict contact to email or phone conversations, and you can’t embrace the atmosphere that other workers will be enduring five days a week or more, 9 to 5.

2. It's Easier To Communicate With Colleagues

Your boss can keep you updated with important matters surrounding the company easily if you’re in the office, rather than have to pick up the phone or email you with information that could easily be misinterpreted. Many people may be more inclined to call across the office with a question they need answering rather than picking up the phone or sending an email. Also, you may be privy to more office banter than you would do at home.

3. It's Easier To Collaborate And Share Ideas

By being within close proximity of other colleagues, you can rest assured that ideas that crop up in the office will cross over much easier than if you were working from home. The social benefits of the office make it the ideal place to share ideas and generally be a lot more social. Working from home can always work just as well if you’re prepared to be talking on the phone for hours, but it would seem a lot less difficult to just throw ideas out into the open when all your colleagues can actually see you. Working from home certainly doesn’t make you a recluse. In fact, it can inspire you to get out and enjoy social gatherings, events, and meetings even more. You may also be more inclined to go out for a walk or sit outside for your lunch as opposed to eating your sandwich at your desk if you are confined to the inside of your house for most of the working day. However, having regular colleagues to talk to and learn from can really boost your knowledge and understanding of more than just the business. You can create positive relationships with all sorts of people, from the bosses themselves to the technician who comes in to fix the computers every week or so. Creating contacts in this way opens new doors to opportunities for your career and your social life.

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