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You know that feeling of getting up every day excited to go to the office, work on your projects, and hang out with your co-workers? Related: 5 Reasons Why I Love Working At Greatist If yes, yay! Good for you. It’s the best feeling, right? If no, well, it’s time to discover a company that can give you that feeling - Life is too short! Don’t waste your time at a company that makes you m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e. YOLO! First, you need to determine your values - What’s most important to you? Then, you need to create a bucket list of companies that you think might be a good fit for you. Well, if you love to have fun at your job and surround yourself with really cool people, you definitely should check out Zillow, a virtual home and real estate marketplace. Here are some things we learned about Zillow’s culture from it’s Glassdoor page:

1. They love their company...

According to Glassdoor, 98% of employees approve of the CEO and 84% would recommend the company to a friend. With a 4.2 rating after over 260 reviews, that says a lot!

2. ...And their co-workers!

“I can honestly say the best part of working here is my co-workers. People come from various backgrounds, and I dig the diversity,” one reviewer wrote. “Everyone is really smart, respectful and overall just a fun group to be around.”

3. They take fun seriously.

The people of Zillow take fun seriously (I mean, check out their party photos). They’ve even got designated “culture beacons” who organize regular social events for employees so they can bond and have fun with each other. That’s right, they have dedicated party planners - Don’t you wish your company had one of those?! Want to learn more about Zillow’s culture? Check out their Careers page! Is your company disrupting your industry? Do you put culture over commodities?  

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