Why Job Search Is Like Becoming The Next YouTube Star

Even if you've never posted a video to YouTube, you’ve probably watched ninja cats, epic fails, and blooper reels on repeat. YouTube is all about a community sharing and exchanging information with a single purpose: connection. Staring in your very own channel is all about standing out in a crowd and delivering an amazing performance. Sound familiar?

Job Search Is Like Becoming The Next YouTube Star

Blame It On The Marketing

What could be more important than getting your name out there? No matter how good your resume may be, if no one knows you than you may never get your big break. Are you in touch with the right people? Were you remarkable (literally)? And did they sing your praises to their friends? Word of mouth is what we share when we sign off on your talent and sign-up for more. Make sure the right people are tuning in.

You're Only As Good As Your Last Video (Or Job)

Was your last job five years ago? Were you doing more than flipping burgers? Long periods of unemployment or underemployment raise flags to potential employers. It’s not fair, but an assumption of laziness or lack of ambition may run parallel to limited work experience. Of course, this is not typically true but it does reveal a universal complaint about today’s job market: it takes a job to get a job. With that in mind, volunteering and post-graduate internships are a great place to gain experience. While a non-paying job may sound like a step backwards, it reveals a great deal of foresight and commitment. Padding your resume with successful non-paid positions shows a willingness to work absent of financial incentives. Everyone wants to hire someone who comes to work for more than just a paycheck. Prove your resolve.

Quality Over Quantity

Content is king, and your resume should reflect the best of your job history. When potential employers see that you've worked seven jobs in the past two years, your focus and work ethic may come into question. On the opposite end, if you’ve been unable to maintain a job for more than six months what's there to say you'll start now? Today, redefine your responsibilities or start working on a side-project in alignment with your long-term interests. You can tag any skill or qualification to your personal and professional experiences. The magic is in marketing: it’s all about the story you tell with an audience in mind.

Thanking Your Fans

Showing gratitude to those that supported you early will continue to pay dividends down the road. It’s family, friends and other early adopters that sustain us when doubt is the strongest. Acknowledge and appreciate their early arrival, and never depart from their good graces. They will always be your biggest fans so make sure to return the favor.

Be Different, But Not Too Different

The nature of attention is that it’s too good to be believed, yet too important to miss. You want to be different enough to distinguish yourself from all the other job applicants, but not so off the beaten path that you miss the mark. What we all crave is familiarity. We watch and work with people that remind us of ourselves. Stay ahead of the pack, but never separate yourself entirely.

Your Next Step

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