Zebit Challenge Day 4: Enough Already, Time To Prioritize

Zebit Challenge Day 4: Enough Already, Time To Prioritize

I’m done whining. Okay, so I’m on a budget. No use lamenting over what I can’t have. It’s wasted time and energy. I’ve got better things to do. Related: Zebit Challenge Day 3: Budgeting Curveballs (Ouch, I’ve Been Hit!)

Time to own my priorities.

Today, I’m taking the time to organize my thoughts around my must-haves - the things I need to survive. I went back to the notes I took on the budgeting app and reminded myself that besides shelter, food, and transportation, everything else in my life is pretty negotiable. Then, I got clear on what I would spend my discretionary money on. What I realized is that I’d rather save it for something that I can really get good use out of. i.e. a pair of new jeans, and so on. In short, I want my purchases to have meaning.

What can you let go of?

Today’s challenge is to ask yourself what five things you could give up for good. It’s clear to me that all those little indulgences can go out the window. I don’t need the decaf latte, the gum, the magazine, and so on. Really, it’s amazing how many little items add up to a lot of spending. I’m over it. See if you can build your own list. Then, join me tomorrow to see if my plan to let go of the little things is working out.

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