8 Habits Of Happy Job Seekers

8 Habits Of Happy Job Seekers

Yes, job search can be extremely frustrating, and it can be easy to spiral into depression. However, if you allow this to happen, you're just going to make things harder on yourself AND your job search. No one wants to hire a Debbie (or Donnie) Downer. So, it's important to stay positive, even during challenging times. Happy job seekers include the following habits into their routines so they don't get stuck in a funk:

1. They make a strategic plan of attack.

Happy job seekers make a point to create strategic plans for themselves. This plan acts as a guide and keeps them on track. So, make goals for yourself and give yourself deadlines. Plan out your job search activities for the week. Plan ahead so you can keep moving forward.

2. They eat healthy.

In order to feel good, you need to feed yourself the right things. Skip the junk food and opt for some veggies instead. You'll feel much more energized once you start eating better.

3. They get proper sleep.

When you're stressed, it's easy to stay up all night scouring the job boards. However, it's VERY important for you to get adequate sleep. Otherwise, you'll be even more stressed and grumpy, and you won't be able to think clearly. Make it a point to get to bed earlier each night this week so you can get your sleep schedule back on track.

4. They go to the gym.

Similarly to not getting enough sleep, if you don't get enough exercise, you can feel fatigued and irritable. Make sure you get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. It will help you clear your head and you'll feel MUCH more energized.

5. They get some sunshine.

Getting a little fresh air and sunshine can do wonders. Make a point to get outside for a few minutes each day - even if it's cold!

6. They send thanks.

You don't have to wait until after an interview to send a thank you note to someone. No one sends thank you notes anymore. If someone does something for you, send them a note of thanks - even if it's just a quick email. It will make both of you feel good.

7.They make time for people.

Get out of the house and meet up with friends. Just because you're in the middle of a frustrating job search doesn't mean you need to commit yourself to house arrest. Make time for your family and friends. It will remind you that you have a good support system behind you.

8.They dance it out.

Create "Happy" playlist you can turn on when you're feeling down. It will help pump you up and get you going. (Did you like this article? If so, check out "5 Tips For Revving Up Your Dwindling Motivation.")

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