Incredible Companies

Introducing...Work It Daily's Incredible Companies

Introducing...Work It Daily's Incredible Companies

Our Incredible Companies campaign is designed to help employers and job seekers alike - and it's all FREE!

What Are Work It Daily's Incredible Companies?

The "Incredible Companies" campaign is Work It Daily's effort to both recognize companies that have put their employees first during the pandemic, and connect these companies with incredible candidates who were impacted by COVID-19 layoffs.

Selected companies will be featured on Work It Daily's website, TikTok account, and social media platforms.

However, The Campaign Is More Than Another Recognition Program!

Incredible Companies" is a collaborative effort where companies can showcase their opportunities to Work It Daily's massive audience of talented job seekers and Work It Daily can help job seekers gain the skills they need to market themselves for these incredible opportunities effectively.

Work It Daily will be doing its part by offering training, courses and a ebook about "How To Get Hired By An Incredible Company." In addition, all "Incredible Companies" will be invited to an informal interview on Work It Daily's podcast to talk about their companies and share some insights about what they're looking for in job candidates.

The ultimate goal of the campaign is to create powerful partnerships between candidates and companies and get people back to work!

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