7 Ways To Be Productive When There's Nothing To Do

No matter how busy you are normally in the office, there are always those days where you have nothing to do. You've filed all the papers, written all the reports, and even answered all your e-mails. So, it seems like you don't have anything left on your plate. So, how are you supposed to be productive? Hint: There's ALWAYS something to do. When you're at a loss for work, go through this checklist:

1. Update The Company's Social Media

Let's be realistic: you're already on Facebook or Twitter during the day, so why not be productive while doing it? If you have nothing pressing to get done, update your company's social networks. Try posting an article, a company update, or an upcoming event on the company's fan page.

2. Read Up On Your Industry

It's always a good idea to stay "in the know," so read up on your industry. If anything, you'll have good conversation material for clients, co-workers, and your boss. And who knows, some information could inspire you to create a new strategy for the company (can you say promotion?).

3. Brainstorm With Co-Workers

Got brain freeze or writer's block? Talk your project over with your co-workers and brainstorm alternative ideas. This will help you develop your team building skills. Plus, your boss will see how much initiative you're taking. Win-win.

4. Update Your Calendar

Got work events or meetings coming up? Don't forget! Go over your calendar and double check times and places. If needed, e-mail or call and confirm appointments.

5. Organize Your Desktop

Did you know that clutter increases stress levels? You don't need anymore stress than you already have, so tidy up your desktop and drawers. Not only will you feel better, but you will also be able to find everything you need quickly so you can get your work done faster!

6. Create Your Own Project

If you really want to impress the boss, it might be time to take your work to the next level by starting your own project. Evaluate problems, do research, and brainstorm with co-workers if needed. Then, schedule a meeting with your boss to present your ideas.

7. Ask The Boss

If you find yourself at the end of this checklist without anything to do, just ask your boss. No doubt they will have some kind of task or project for you to work on. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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