Bring Some Summertime Into The Office

Being stuck in a stuffy old office is no fun in the summertime, especially when you know how sunny and warm it is outside. It's hard to focus at work when all you can think about is hitting the beach, soaking up some rays, or getting your grill on. So, how can employees make the best of the summer months while they are chained to their desk five days a week? Here are six ways to capture a little summer and put it in your cubicle:

Take Some Beach

Are you a beach bum? Grab some seashells, sea glass, or sand and make your own desktop beach! Get a little creative: mix all of them in a clear vase and place it next to your computer screen. No sunblock needed.

Indulge A Little

What were your favorite summertime foods as a kid? Corn dogs? Grab a pack of microwavable ones to make in the office kitchen. Ice cream? Pick up a mini cup of Ben & Jerry's and take five at your desk. Hey, it's summer, right? You deserve few guilty pleasures.

Put Up Summer Art

Whether it's a painting of the sun, a photo of the beach, or an ornament from your garden, a little summer art can really brighten up your office (and even your mood).

Smell The Ocean

Next time you're at the grocery store, pick up a summer-scented air freshener. When you're having a brain freeze at work, take five minutes, close your eyes, and imagine a relaxing place while smelling your favorite summer scents.

Get A Plant

It's no palm tree, but having a little desk plant can add some life to your work space. Flowers are always a nice addition to the office, but perhaps you should get an aloe plant so you can treat that sunburn you go over the weekend?

Opt For Iced Tea

Need the caffeine but want something more refreshing than coffee? Pour yourself a nice, cold glass of iced tea. Don't forget the lemon! What do you do to enjoy summer when at the office?

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