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Everyone fears failure, especially as adults. Think about it: As a kid, you made mistakes and you had some failures. So, naturally, as an adult, you don’t want to experience those negative feelings associated with failing again. Related: How Do I Respond To Being Called A ‘Failure’? According to J.T. O’Donnell, founder and CEO of CAREEREALISM.com, that’s the number one thing that limits your career growth – being afraid of failure. So, what can you do to change your mindset? Here are four steps you can take to beat your fear of failure:

1. Admit You’re Scared

Get a piece of paper and list everything you’re afraid of in your life and career. Are you afraid of failing, having people laugh at you, or having people judge you? No matter what it is you’re afraid of, write it down, and get it out there. Here’s the fun part: Once you’ve written down all of those fears, crumple up that piece of paper and throw it away! “If you can identify the fear, you can beat it,” says O’Donnell.

2. Own Your Fear

In order to beat your fear(s), you need to really commit yourself. Worrying about it is a complete waste of your time because you’re not accomplishing anything. You need to step up and own it.

3. Take Action

Instead of trying to do a whole lot at once, find a baby step. What’s one little thing you could do that will help you to face this fear? “A lot of us have false assumptions about our careers and what we’re capable of doing,” says O’Donnell. “Those assumptions almost become like laws in our head, and they shouldn’t be there. We need to break them, SHATTER them, and we can do that one baby step at a time.” What simple action can YOU take today that will move you closer to shattering your fears?

4. Control What You Can Control

There are tons of things you have no control over, however, there are things you do. What are they? Figure out what areas you can control and go after them. “The more control you have, the less fear you have,” says O’Donnell. So, don’t live in fear any longer. Use these steps to break free from your fear of failure (or anything else!) and take control of your life. This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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