Paralyzed By Nerves? 4 Tips For Beating A Bad Case Of The Jitters

Paralyzed By Nerves? 4 Tips For Beating A Bad Case Of The Jitters

Going on a job interview? Making a big presentation? If you’ve got a bad case of the nerves, these things can seem like torture. How do you deal with it? Related:7 Ways To Meet New People (And Have Fun Doing It) Being overly nervous can be downright paralyzing. Here are four tips for beating a bad case of the jitters:

1. Prep yourself or wreck yourself.

First off, prepare yourself for the event as best as you can. This is essential. Not being prepared for something you know is coming is the silliest way to throw away a great opportunity. When you’re prepared, you’re more confident. And when you’re confident, you have a better shot at nailing it.

2. Attack your fear.

I used to think it was better to sell myself short and let my fears take over. I thought maybe if I accept that I'm going to screw up before I screwed up, I'd be more relaxed - What was there to lose? But, instead of empowering me to take control, this “strategy” made me feel even more vulnerable and nervous. That’s when I learned that I had to attack my fear. I had to be ready to hit it head on. It made me feel capable and strong. Don’t let fear control you - play offense!

3. Trick yourself into getting excited.

You know how sometimes, when you’re excited about something, you feel really nervous? Well, when you’re really nervous about something, you can trick yourself into feeling excited. Flip it around! Get excited about whatever it is you’re going to do and counter those nerves.

4. Remember, you’ll get through it no matter what.

Haters gonna hate. Even if you screw it up, you can always go home, take a nice, hot bath, and drink a bottle of wine to your face. You’ll be fine! Just remember that, at the end of the day, everything will be okay.

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