The Hottest Way To Get Hired In 2023

Professional woman uses TikTok in her job search

I am seeing lots of trends right now in the job market, and they all point toward one thing...


Here's why...

Why TikTok Is The Hottest Way To Get A Job In 2023

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The hottest way to get hired in 2023 is TikTok. Companies are going to pull back on posting jobs on job boards. They don't want to get thousands of applicants. The market's contracting right now. Suddenly, we're in a recession. There are a lot fewer jobs. Everyone's applying and employers are overwhelmed. So companies will pull the jobs off the job boards, but they're still hiring. They just don't want to get that many applicants.

So what employers are going to do instead is tell stories on TikTok. Then you're going to find those stories. And if you're interested, you're going to go down the rabbit hole of researching the company, and maybe you'll like what you see and decide to apply.

This process will create a smaller funnel of candidates. Only the really interested candidates will apply. Storytelling is going to make all the difference and it'll happen on Tik Tok—and that will lead to better hires.

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