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Why You Should Stop Looking For A Job On Fridays

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On Fridays, you're probably thinking, "Screw work! TGIF! I am done with this job." Or if you're unemployed, "I'm done looking for work. It's my weekend. I'm going to blow it up and I'm going to have the time of my life." You know what? You should. But here's the problem...

I've been a career coach for 20 years and, in my experience, when people take Fridays off from their job search, they get this little nagging voice in the back of their heads saying, "You shouldn't be out. You shouldn't be spending money. You should be working on that job search. You should be figuring things out."

This shouldn't happen. When you feel guilty for having fun while unemployed, you don't actually allow yourself to have a break from your job search. That nagging voice takes away the joy of it.

This is toxic. And I want you to stop doing this immediately.

Stop Looking For A Job On Fridays (And Do This Instead!)


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Instead of looking for a job on Fridays, press play on life. I want you to go out and enjoy yourself. Get out in nature. Go hang with your friends. Do fun things to reduce your stress. Because you know what? The job search will be there next week, as will the people who can actually hire you.

If this makes sense to you, become a Work It DAILY member (learn more below), and then go enjoy your weekend. Go have fun. I'll be here to help you find a job next week.

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