How To Kickstart Your Career In The New Year

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Do you have career goals going into the new year? Do you feel like you're in a career rut and you're not sure what to do? Here are some ways you can successfully kickstart your career in the new year!

1. Update Your Resume With Recent Accolades

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Resumes are no longer about objectives or daily job functions. Today, resumes are strategic marketing documents that must prove a candidate’s worth and value. A resume must properly brand the candidate within his/her areas of focus and be targeted towards the actual job position. Updating your resume and reflecting on your recent achievements and accolades is a sure way to provide more value to the reader. Quantify your work experience and consider reviewing your performance evaluations so you can list projects you have led, skills you have acquired, and results you’ve achieved for organizations.

2. Consider Professional Assistance From A Career Coach

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Many job seekers are struggling to find a job right now, and they're becoming increasingly frustrated with the job market. A career coach can be a great resource and tool when you're having trouble finding a job and achieving your career goals. A career coach can also help job seekers realign their career direction with solution-focused ideas, provide positive praise and motivation, and offer guidance in self-discovery.

3. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

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We are now living in a heavily advanced digital age. Job seekers can tweet to CEOs and employers, post a Facebook status to alert their friends and family members about their job search, and they can use their LinkedIn profiles to apply for a job, connect with hiring managers, and even expand their network to connect with other professionals. In short, social media, specifically LinkedIn, is an excellent tool for your career. Make sure you optimize your LinkedIn profile to take full advantage of all of its benefits and features.

4. Network Like There’s No Tomorrow

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Your network is your net worth! If you want to land your dream job, building your professional network is essential. Create an online networking strategy and locate networking events through Facebook, Twitter, and even sources such as Eventbrite. Be sure to have business cards handy. Pass them out and take the business cards of other networking professionals. Don’t forget to follow up through a connection request on LinkedIn after the event is over. You need to nurture your network so when it comes time for you to find a new job, they'll be more than happy to help. After all, it's all about who you know!

Make this year your biggest and best year yet by following these helpful career tips! Don't wait for January to pass you by. The new year is here now!

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