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3 Awesome A's That’ll Turn Your Career Around

3 Awesome A's That’ll Turn Your Career Around

Have you ever been in a place in your life where it’s hard to think of anything good? Maybe your career is stagnant, the bills are stacking up, or you had a rough breakup. Related:5 Simple Steps To Being Happier & Making More Money Whatever it is… it sucks, doesn’t it? That’s why I love this inspiring video so much. See, the speaker was in a terrible spot - within just one month, his wife told him she didn’t love him anymore, and his good friend committed suicide. That’s enough to send the best of us hurtling down a slippery slope towards depression. Yet, this man found a way to pull through it, and not only create an awesome life for himself, but help others do the same. Now, I’m not going to try to tell you that whatever you’re dealing with is nothing compared to this, even though that is one rough month. Rather, I’d like to share the three A’s of an Awesome Life from Neil Pasricha… the author of The Book of Awesome, and speaker in this video. I’ll also give you a bonus tip, and a free resource that’ll help you take your career to the next level of awesomeness.

The 3 A's of an Awesome Life

So let’s dive right into the three A's of an awesome life:

1. Attitude

As Neil explains in the video, we can’t predict the future. We don’t know what will happen to us, but we do know that it won’t go according to plan. So, when bad stuff happens to you - he hopes that you always feel like you have two choices:
  1. You can live in the gloom and doom forever.
  2. Or you can grieve, and then move forward and take baby steps towards a brighter future.
It’s not the easiest thing to do in that moment, but it’s what will lead you to a happy and satisfying life and career.

2. Awareness

The speaker gives a fantastic example of a 3-year-old. Children are amazed by absolutely everything. Why? Because they’re seeing it for the first time - and one point, you were the same way. So, awareness is about getting in touch with your inner 3-year-old, and choosing to see the world for the wonderful and amazing place that it is.

3. Authenticity

Have you ever felt like you’re invincible? Like everything’s going to your way, and you’re on top of the world - even if just for that minute, hour, or day? Well that’s what Neil’s getting at here - see, when you’re being yourself, plain and simple, and you’re cool with that, then you wind up following your heart, and putting yourself in places and conversations you love. And when you do this, you’ll naturally wind up feeling very fulfilled.

Your Bonus Tip

Here is perhaps the most powerful tip of all… It’s worked wonders for me in the past, and every time I hear it I get an amazing reminder that helps me stay on course. Neil mentions it in this video, and it’s this:
Always remember that the world is full of infinite awesomeness… Yet, we ONLY get 100 years to enjoy it.
So your happiness, fulfillment, and dreams aren’t out there - to be gained at some distant point in your future. They’re right here. Right now. And they’re fleeting. So, seize the day, and take the next step to add a little more awesome to your life. And if your career is in need of some awesomeness, then you can check out the free video I put together along with a career expert who happens to be my mentor. I share 3 of his best tips that you can apply right now to get your dream job with an awesome company. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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