Top 10 Core Beliefs For Career Coaching

Top 10 Core Beliefs For Career Coaching

As we know, in today’s society setting yourself apart from the crowd is very important. We also learn that it is important to understand how to market our own skills to the world around us. In other words we need to either develop our own brand or refine how we want the world to notice us. Related: Feeling Stuck? Here's Why You Need A Career Coach As a career coach I have been lucky to have worked with several clients to assist them in achieving their goals. Therefore, I would like to share with you my top 10 core beliefs for career coaching that I believe can help you to continue to stay motivated and push forward.

Top 10 Core Beliefs For Career Coaching:

  • Everyone has a different path towards success.
  • Sometimes if we just sit back and listen, we may just find our answer.
  • Stop thinking about “What If” and start saying “Why Not”.
  • Failure is a new way of gaining something positive and growing stronger from the experience.
  • Gaining a cultural experience can be key to helping you adapt to a more global community.
  • “You” time is always important for growth.
  • One act of kindness can go a long way.
  • A major or degree is not a one size fits all in the job market.
  • “GPA” is important; Goals, Perseverance, and Attitude.
  • Change can be good even if it is scary to think about.
These 10 core beliefs have gotten me through a lot of challenging situations and have continually helped me grow both personally and professionally.

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Howard Alexander is a martial artist at heart who has found a passion for the career development field. I have trained in Judo for close to 30 years. The skills, techniques and drive I gained from this sport/martial art have allowed me to become who I am in the career services field, which is a coach, motivator, supporter and believer. If you want to learn more about Howard, visit his coaching page, his LinkedIn profile, or follow him on Twitter. Disclosure: This post is sponsored by a CareerHMO coach. You can learn more about coach posts here.Photo Credit: Shutterstock