5 Hot Careers In Government Technology

5 Hot Careers In Government Technology

It’s no secret that government jobs are some of the most coveted positions in the country. One of the biggest opportunities for job seekers in government is the growing need for technology professionals.

Careers In Government Technology

President Barack Obama has made modernizing government technology, infrastructure, IT, and cyber security a priority. While technology jobs within the government continue to blossom, here are some of the most in-demand careers in government technology:

1. E-GOV Analyst

E-GOV, code for “electronic government,” is also known as digital or online government. If you’ve already had some previous experience working in the tech world, have a propensity to be Internet and computer savvy, posses the ability to think very analytically, and enjoy being creative—this might be the career for you. Some roles and tasks you will be required to fulfill include: staying up to date on communication tools, social media, web applications, and software developments. You will also be working alongside local government to distribute e-information, website editing and assisting, and designing anything from web content to mobile data applications.

2. Computer Scientist At The U.S. Department Of The Air Force

According to Making the Difference, a ranking done on the Computer Science and IT positions in the Federal Government, the Department of Defense reigns as the largest number of full-time and permanent positions in the U.S. with currently 74,460 positions. This career path integrates technology and government at its highest platform: building and discovering a comprehensive program to revolutionize air, space, and cyberspace technology and expertise. Skills required for this career include: knowledge of mathematical science, statistics, software and computer system organization. These skills and expertise are needed to power theoretical models and pursuits. Summoning all computer scientists - the U.S. Department of Defense wants you.

3. Information Architect

You might be one of those people who spent endless nights as a young kid building Legos or mastering puzzles. As you grew older, these toys turned into computers, mobile devices, and smartphones. With a career as an information architect, you will not only be building and integrating data but have the opportunity to construct a promising career. Information architects' major tasks include: managing data-specific program and projects, and applying and delivering data solutions. You will also be expected to expand on innovative communication tools to model and implement infrastructure regarding the use of technologies in a government sphere. As a result, the government continues to recruit intelligent, creative, and proactive candidates to design a better world and environment in which we live.

4. Medical Technologist With The Veterans Health Administration

There's no arguing that people who devote their careers in the government health care industry are helping to save lives every day. According to a recent White House report, nearly 50 million older Americans and those with disabilities rely on Medicare each year. Professionals who are handy in repairing medical equipment and have good management skills, as well as extensive knowledge of the medical laboratory, should consider being a medical technologist for the Veterans Health Administration.

5.Information Technology Specialist- Department Of Energy

Millions of Americans are becoming aware of the limited resources and have developed acumen for supporting sustainable, ecological solutions for our energy policy. If you're one of them, a career as an IT Specialist with an industry like Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) might be it for you. BPA monitors, integrates, curates, and assesses projects and initiatives through a focus on energy efficiency, the environment, power, and transmission, while leading the way in wind integration and hydropower. Specialists would be resolving many IT issues and circumventing future problems through analysis and research.
This article was written by Social Media Outreach Coordinator Logan Harper on behalf of CAREEREALISM-Approved Partner, 2U — an education technology company that partners with institutions of higher education such as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which provides an online Masters Degree in Public Administration.
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