Challenge: Take 1-Hour To Declutter Your House

Challenge: Take 1-Hour To Declutter Your House

Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to take 1-hour to declutter your house. You might not realize it, but letting clutter accumulate in your home can actually hurt your performance at work. It can also hold you back from getting a job. While having a messy house isn’t might not directly connect with your career troubles, it could be indirectly affecting your success rate (or lack thereof one). Unfortunately, clutter can stunt your productivity, increase your stress levels, and kill your motivation. And all of these things can negatively impact your attitude and work performance. When you’re surrounded by disarray at home, those unsettling feelings can seep into other areas of your life - like your work or job search. That’s why today’s challenge is to take at least one hour to declutter your house (or office!). We want you to make it a habit of cleaning up unnecessary things in your life so you can be as efficient and happy as possible. There are so many benefits of getting organized. In fact, taking the time to declutter your house can actually help you:

  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Boost your productivity
  • Sleep better
And who doesn’t want those things?! Whether you’re stuck in a career rut or dealing with a frustrating job search, taking a little time to get organized can really help your overall attitude, mood, and perspective. (All of which can help you be a better employee or job search more effectively!) Don’t let clutter keep you from being being successful and happy. Life is too short for unnecessary messes, don’t you think? How do you declutter your house? What are your tips? Tell us!

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