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3 Reasons Why Companies Like Cisco Want Their Employees To Have A Life Outside Of Work

3 Reasons Why Companies Like Cisco Want Their Employees To Have A Life Outside Of Work

We work to live, not live to work, right? So, shouldn't that be something that is ingrained in the DNA at every company? People have lives outside of work, and it's important that companies recognize and value that.

Having a great work-life balance is crucial to an employees' overall mental health, and it also plays a critical role in a company's success. If employees are encouraged to take time for themselves outside of work, then they'll come to work with a clear head and be much more productive while in the office.

Cisco, one of the world's largest technology companies, knows how important it is to offer a great work-life balance to its employees. It is committed to this and demonstrates that to employees on a daily basis.

Here are three reasons why companies like Cisco want their employees to have a life outside of work:

1. It allows them to recharge so they can be more productive at work.

Working for a company that encourages employees to have a healthy work-life balance not only has a positive impact on its employees, but it also benefits the company too.

Working a 9 to 5 job every day with no break can create a lot of burnout and employee turnover. However, creating an environment where employees know they can take time to recharge and focus on things outside of work, allows them to be more productive when they're at the office.

Having time to relax and take a break from work will only motivate your employees to work harder while on the job. Cisco understands the importance of creating a work hard, play hard atmosphere. Employees are able to take time away from work to get back in the right head space so they can return to the office and deliver the best possible results.

2. It allows them to pursue their passions. 

Caroline Olson - Systems Engineer & Cisco Sales Associate Program Graduate

The flexibility that employees are given at Cisco allows them to give back to the company even more. Caroline Olson, Systems Engineer, values the work-life balance that is encouraged at Cisco.

By having a great work-life balance, Caroline's able to pursue her passions when she's not in the office. She can teach yoga, go hiking, and hang out with friends. She's able to maintain her life outside of work and pursue what she loves in addition to adding value to her team when she's at work.

3. It encourages them to stay and grow with the company.

When an employee feels appreciated by their employer, they'll be more likely to stay and continue to build on their career. By investing in your employees and their well-being, you're going to build rapport with them. One in which that employee is going to feel supported and will consequently want to grow at your company.

It's a two way street. Companies that are dedicated to their employees are going to build long term relationships with them. The people of Cisco have built bonds with the company because of the fact that it supports them in their personal and professional life.

Be you, with us. #WeAreCisco

At Cisco, they don't want you to blend in. They want you to stand out! What sort of things make you different from other people? Those are the things that make you unique and they want you to continue doing them because at Cisco their motto is "be you, with us."

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