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Answers To Commonly Asked Resume Questions

There are LOTS of questions around resume dos and don'ts. There's so much advice out there that it can be overwhelming to try and figure out what's the correct answer.

During our weekly live Office Hours on YouTube, two of our coaches, Ariella Coombs and J.T. O'Donnell, answer questions live from viewers related to their job search, career success, on the job situations and more.

We complied a simple list of what we find to be the most common questions our coaches get about resumes. We hope you find this helpful.

Let's start with the basics...

Should I dumb down my resume?

This is a very common question that people get the bad advice around all the time. J.T. will help to break down what's really important to put on your resume and why you don't need to "dumb it down" in order for it to get you results.

How far back should dates go on my resume? I have a lot of great companies in my work history. What should be included?

This is one of the MOST common question about resumes. It's a great question! J.T. will break down how long is too long to go back in your work history and when you can make exceptions.

My resume was reviewed by a professional but it's not getting me any interviews. What should I do?

Having your resume professional written or reviewed and to STILL not get interviews can be extremely frustrating. Ariella will explain why this could be and what you could do to change this.

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