Crazy Job Requirements

Crazy Job Requirements
A reader (thanks, Ken!) sent me a hilarious quote from a job posting he stumbled across in his job search. It said...

"Ability to accept constructive criticism without 'feeling criticized.'”

I mean c’mon, really? That’s like saying...

"Ability to be prodded with a hot poker without 'feeling burned.'”

It made me wonder, “What other completely ridiculous things are you seeing in job postings?”

Your Turn

Share with us below. We want to hear what employers are asking for today that falls on the side of being just a little crazy. Better still, give us the stuff that is completely nuts! The real lesson here: We chose what job postings to apply to - they don’t choose us. When you see things like this, you are fully within your power to say, “I think I’ll pass.” However, if you chose to apply (and even worse) take the job, don’t say we didn’t warn ya! Photo Credit: Shutterstock