Need a Creativity Boost? Do Your Work in a Coffee Shop

Sometimes it can be difficult to get your creative juices flowing in a stuffy, quiet office. So what do you do when the boss expects you to brainstorm creative solutions to a problem? Instead of sitting in your cubicle all by your lonesome, grab your laptop and hit a coffee shop. Studies have shown that the atmosphere of a coffee shop serves as an effective creativity boost, according to The Atlantic. Apparently, having a little background noise distracts your brain enough so you can think a bit more out-of-the-box.

Coffee shops not your scene? Don't worry, here are some other tips to get a creativity boost: Think when you're sleepy. Who would have thought that you're best ideas could happen when you're not really thinking? Studies show that optimal problem-solving performance actually occurs during non-optimal times throughout the day. So, try brainstorming during your 2 o' clock drowsy period. Don't be afraid. Sometimes lack of creativity can be caused by fear of rejection. You may think, "What if I sound stupid?" or "What if it doesn't work?" It's time to put those fears aside. By being afraid, you become closed-minded. This can severely block your creative insight. Create an idea file. Find something inspiring, unique, or interesting that could relate to your work? Save it! Whenever you come across an article, video, image, or anything that could have potential in brainstorming sessions, file them away in a place that is easy to access later. Even if you don't believe you can use the information now, it could be the keystone in a future project. What kinds of things do you do to increase your creativity? Creativity work image from Bigstock
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