3 Annoying Career Myths Busted

Man hears about career myths

How you build your career matters. Your professional self dictates all other aspects of your life, so keeping it in check and well is important.

Think now. Your career dictates your title, schedule, financial means, location, and level of happiness (to a certain degree). So, we want you to ensure your career represents who you are, not what others want you to be.

There are three common career myths we've busted and for important reasons. We want you to grow your career in a healthy and happy way. Let it blossom. Most importantly, it's time to stop listening to the chatter. That is, the job and/or career advice you receive from your loved ones. It can be counterproductive.

So, we urge you to listen to us, the experts who know the career ins and outs best. Let's start debunking:

1. "There's No Such Thing As Having A Career You Love. Everyone Dislikes Their Job."


Oh, boy—the classic debate of whether or not you can find a career doing something you love and make money from it. People so often blindly dismiss a career or job option just because it's too artsy, varies from their social or cultural norms, or has a reputation of not paying well. Think, "starving artists" or "All Asian parents want their children to become doctors."

This isn't exactly true. Plus, there's a huge difference between a career and a job. Here's why.

There are so many different constituents that make up a job. If you love music and went to music school for example, you don't have to be a full-time musician. You could pursue this career path part-time and consider teaching music students for the other part! Think about your career path and all the possible types of jobs within it.

Or, here's another example: You may love medicine but don't want to work in a hospital setting with sick patients every day. Can you contribute to medicine through research or by working for a pharmaceutical company instead?

Once you open up your perspective, the possibilities are endless.

2. "A Career Is Just About The Money."


We had a client that loved her job. She had flexible hours. Her boss even let her take her dog to work some days. She truly liked what she was doing.

Then, she got an offer from another company that offered $10,000 more than her current salary. She left. Now, she works more hours, is under constant stress because of more responsibilities, and had to hire a dog sitter for certain days she works late.

You tell us. Was it worth it?

Money isn't everything. You can have a higher salary job and still feel completely miserable inside. Think about all aspects of a job, not just the money.

3. "Once You've Chosen A Career, You Can't Go Back."


There are people who change their careers all the time. It could happen post-divorce, after having kids, in old age, and in young age. You're never too old to decide that your current career isn't right for you. You're also never in "too deep" to make a switch.

Look at your career as it is now objectively. What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? Try to focus on what is causing you to seek change and then take the proper steps to get there.

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Now that we've busted these career myths, you should feel more confident making certain career decisions, and empowered to finally take ownership of your professional success.

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