How Hating Your Job Can Guide You To Your Dream Career

Thinking back to some of the work I did before I found my dream job makes me both laugh and cringe. Related: 3 Clues That Will Help You Find Your Dream Job I’ve dealt with mean bosses. Weird co-workers. Miserable tasks. It’s easy to look back without care and see the lessons NOW - but if you’re in the moment dealing with this kind of stuff and hating your job… Then it just plain sucks. However… the good news is that there is a way out. And once you commit to finding your dream job.. once you decide 100% that you deserve better and you will no longer accept your current career situation… You open up the doors for magic to happen. Then, once you break through the barrier to your “dream job”? Well, it only gets better and better from there.

3 Keys To Making Your Crappy Job Lead To Your Dream Career

#1 - Pain Provides The Motivation You Need To Get More

Here’s the honest truth (from my point of view). If you’re in a job you hate and you’re looking for a way out, then you may not like hearing this… but because I care about you and your future… I’m going to say it anyways (because it’s CRITICAL): If you truly believed that you deserved a better job - one that you love doing and makes a great income - then you would have it already. I know this because I’ve been there. The missing ingredient standing between you and your dream job is the courage and motivation to take action, make it happen, and believe in yourself. Thankfully, pain provides the motivation and strength you need. We’re programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain - so if you’re in pain, then the simple truth is that it’s your body telling you that you need to make a change. And if you resist? The pain will get worse until you decide to make that change. When you do that is up to you - just remember… the pain you’re feeling now is there so that you can use it to grow and become stronger.

#2 - Pain Is a Clue For Discovering Your Passion

Here’s the hidden blessing behind the pain of disliking your career right now: Experiencing pain gives you a seriously big clue about where to find your passion, your love. So lean into it… explore it… figure out why it bothers you so much. Then find a way to contribute to the world and solve that problem for others. Ever wonder why some of the most successful people in the world came from nothing? Or why some of the healthiest people are so driven to lead a disciplined life? One big reason for this is the experience of pain. The pain they experienced as a result of being broke or unhealthy… or seeing people they love suffer from those issues actually ignites a fire in them and drives them to do extraordinary things to solve that problem in their own life and other people’s lives. So what is it that you dislike so much about your current career? And how can you transform that passion into something productive… While serving others - which by the way… has been proven to be a big key to long term fulfillment.

#3 - Use Your Passion To Get Your Dream Job

Now that you’ve gone through this transformation and discovered how to use your pain to find your passion… It’s time to find the best way to express that passion… By finding a “dream job” that:
  • Applies your strengths
  • Leans into your inspiration
  • Contributes to something worthwhile in the world
  • Aligns with your values, and…
  • Earns a great income
A good place to start is this “Dream Job Resource Guide” containing the top job sites specializing in listing opportunities with the most inspiring companies in the world (specifically, “For-Benefit” companies - which are renowned for engaging and empowering their employees). Inspiration has to be felt - so explore some of these companies and see which ones are solving a problem in the world that you care about (which in this case, could be tied to pain we’re talking about). Then, find a way to stand out and get their attention. Having a powerful story of transforming your pain into purpose and communicating that to the types of inspiring companies found in the resource guide can be an excellent way to show your passion and get noticed. Good luck! This post was originally published at an earlier date

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