5 Brilliant Tips For Using Cold Emails To Get Your Dream Job

“Good artists copy; great artists steal.” - Steve Jobs Related: 3 Oddly Simple Ways To Get Your Dream Job That’s what I’m doing with this article, and that’s what you should do too… if you want a great job. That’s right - I straight up stole the idea for this article from a guest post by John Corcoran. The information was so enticing, so valuable, that I knew I could steal it and put my own twist on it to deliver value to you in a new way (read to the end to find out how)... Because as Steve also said:

“It comes down to trying to expose yourself to the best things that humans have done and then try to bring those things in to what you're doing.”
John’s article with the networking strategy I’m about to give you is awesome enough to be worth stealing. So, after you read this, go read John’s post in detail. Why? Because he goes way deeper into this, and gives detailed examples showing how exactly to make it work. He’s also got a couple of great, free reports that you can download when you want to take your networking to the next level, which when combined with the bonus I give at the end of this article makes for just about everything you need to get your dream job. The only thing you need to do is “steal” our tips, put your own spin on them, and take action.

5 Brilliant “Cold Email” Tips For Connecting With Your Dream Employer

But enough chat-chit. Let’s get into these brilliant "cold email" tips:

1. Grease The Wheels Ahead Of Time

The first thing you want to do before emailing someone you don’t know (or “cold emailing”) is to warm them up, so that when they see your email, it’s not the first time they see your name. Fortunately, this is easier to do than ever through social media. You can simply follow the organization or person you’re wanting to get the attention of, and then find a way to make an impression. John gives the example of writing a guest post mentioning the person he wanted to contact. You could also comment on, share, or like their stuff so that they start to notice you.

2. Be Brief

John’s 2nd point means that you have to assume the person you’re trying to reach is the busiest person on the planet. You have a limited amount of time to make an impression on them, so choose your words wisely.

3. Communicate How You Will Benefit Them

This is a fundamental (and critical) shift in how you think about getting your dream job. Most people look at it as they’re asking for a job. In other words, the company is giving you a job. But that’s not how your employer sees it. They’re hiring you and paying you so that you can add value and solve a problem. It’s an exchange of value - money for effort. Simple. So make all your communication about adding value to them, helping them, right from the start, and you’ll stand out.

4. Make It Fun

It’s the unfortunate truth - most people are bored out of their mind in their daily lives. So if can bring a sense of humor into your email, while still displaying professionalism, then you’ll make a noteworthy first impression. People want to have fun and be happy - and you can be the person (aka new employee) that brings the party.

5. Find Things You Have In Common

According to John, this could be as simple as having the same hometown. In terms of getting your dream job, the biggest thing your (future) employer will want to see is that you’re on board with and passionate about their mission Assuming you are passionate about it (which, why would you apply for a job where you aren’t?), then this should be easy. Proclaim your passion, and show them why you’re a great culture fit.

Your Next Steps

Now, you’ve got some great tips for using cold emails and networking to get your dream job… but you’re not finished. Check out the free bonus video I put together for you sharing my best tips on getting a fun, purpose-driven dream job - it’s the same wisdom I used years ago to get mine. Plus, don’t forget to check out John’s detailed article on this strategy - complete with examples - and dive deeper into using cold emails to build valuable relationships and increase your income.

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