3 Ways To Ease The Monotony Of Resume Writing

3 Ways To Ease The Monotony Of Resume Writing
Resume writing can be a tiring and frustrating experience. But the reason for it isn’t usually laziness; it’s that the process can feel so tedious. Having to sit there and think about everything you’ve accomplished in your career can be overwhelming, especially since you have to incorporate different information into each resume every time you apply for a different position. The process can sometimes be so tedious that it becomes difficult to achieve the focus necessary to send an impactful message. Of course, you don’t want this to happen, which is why it’s good to use various strategies to ease the monotony of the resume writing process.

Work From A Master Resume

One great way to ease the monotony of resume writing is to work from a master resume. The master resume is used as an organizational tool that allows you to place all of the details of your career into one large document. It is never submitted to employer but is instead used as a reference point for you. By placing all of the details of your career in this one place, when the time comes to write a new resume, you don’t have to think about the specifics of each job you’ve had. Instead, you can simply reference the master resume, easing the stress of the writing process.

Write Multiple Drafts

Another way to ease stress associated with writing a resume is to write more than one draft. In other words, don’t expect to get it right the first time. Instead, piece information together to create a rough draft. Then, continue to revisit the resume with fresh eyes so you can catch mistakes you may not have seen the first time. After several drafts, you should feel comfortable you’ve created a great resume for submission.

Don’t Write The Resume In One Day

To keep in line with the draft-writing concept, it’s good to not force yourself to write the resume in one day. The longer the break is between the times you look at your resume, the easier it will be to view the document with fresh eyes. So, unless you are faced with a same-day deadline, it’s good to give yourself at least two days to develop a good resume. Job seeking is stressful enough without adding additional stressors. So take time to implement these strategies to ease the monotony of this aspect of the application process.

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