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3 Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

3 Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch


Have you ever thought about what you might say if the CEO of your dream company stepped onto an elevator and struck up a conversation with you?

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That’s the idea behind having an elevator pitch.

Of course, the chances of you meeting your future boss or an important client in an elevator are slim, but having your elevator pitch prepared can come in handy at any time, whether you’re sending a cover letter, talking to someone on the phone or answering the “tell us about yourself” question in a job interview.

It should be a short, concise statement that tells the listener who you are, what you do, and most importantly, why they should care – all in no more than 30-60 seconds.

Now, this might sound easy enough, but as anyone who has ever sent out a tweet will know, getting the right information across in a short amount of time or with limited space, can be pretty tricky.

3 Tips For Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

The three important things your elevator pitch should do are:

1. Demonstrate why you’re different

There are thousands of other people with the exact same job description as you, so rather than simply explaining your work, you need to focus on the results you have gotten. In what areas do you excel?

2. Give the listener a reason to care

Although most people will politely hear you out, the bottom line is that no one cares what you do unless there is something in it for them. What solution can you provide? Answer that question, and you’ll have their undivided attention.

3. Leave them wanting more

Your elevator pitch can’t possibly address every single aspect of who you are and what you do, but doesn’t have to. Share just enough to pique the listener’s interest.

Also, keep in mind that your pitch shouldn’t come across as some robotic, overly-rehearsed speech. It should still be natural and conversational so that the person you’re conversing with actually wants to meet with you a second time.

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How to Perfect your Elevator Pitch
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