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As the workweek comes to a close (for most of us), I want to share a set of habits that have become an end-of-the-week routine for me. This routine has been key to ending my week on a positive note and "teeing up" a great start to the following week.

So, how do you end your week on a positive note? At Work It Daily, it's all about creating good habits.

Consider doing these three things before you leave work each Friday:

Habit 1: Write A Thank You Note

Woman ends her week on a positive note

Reach out with a quick email or (better yet) a short thank you note expressing gratitude for those who went out of their way to help you this week.

This is literally a 10 minute exercise that has powerful results. You'll feel great in expressing thanks and the recipient will receive a nice message to end the week on. Who went out of their way to help you this week?

Habit 2: Reflect On Your Accomplishments

Man works on a project before leaving work

Make note of what you believe were your three greatest accomplishments over the past week. Embrace the sense of satisfaction and positive emotion associated with getting these important things done.

Connect this habit with the one above. Was there anyone who contributed significantly to your three greatest achievements? Follow up or reach out to those people with a word of thanks.

Habit 3: Set Goals For Next Week

Co-workers set goals for the next week

What are your three most important goals for next week? Write them down before you leave the office, and visualize yourself reaching those goals. Think about what it will take for you to be successful the following week.

Do you have sufficient time set aside to accomplish those goals? Who do you need to solicit for help? (Go ahead and reach out and confirm their participation before you end this week.) What is the very next action associated with each of those goals, and do you have that task clearly identified on your calendar or task list with a due date?

Give these habits a try on Friday afternoons. If you see a positive effect, add other ones that are relevant to your situation. The message here is to begin a weekly routine that will help you end the week in a positive way and help you get clarity on the most important things for next week.

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