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I am one of the biggest fans of and work regularly with Gen Y. I love your spunk, spirit, capabilities, and point of view. You have taught me so much and are changing and impacting so many aspects of marketing, business, and consumerism. You are the future torch bearers and are making your presence known more and more. Having said that, I do believe you are relying way too much on the technologies you have grown up with for more interpersonal activities that are much better suited for job search today. It’s really not your fault. That’s the world you have grown up in. I am a Boomer and grew up in the world of meeting people in person face-to-face, and through phone conversations to build relationships and trust. I have had to get much more tech and social media savvy to stay on top of my game.

Face-To-Face Networking Is Beneficial For Job Search

According to NACE, The National Association of Colleges and Employers, 70-80 percent of jobs are not posted on job sites and can only be accessed through networking. People know people and it’s that word of mouth that is finding people jobs and career opportunities now. As card carrying Gen Y’s, you can and should take advantage of this more. Virtual connecting should be a bridge to taking relationships offline, not take the place of them. I suggest less text and tech talking and more face-to-face. Here are some benefits you can reap by face-to-face networking:

Develop Your Interpersonal Skill Sets

This is also referred to as people skills or communication skills. They include listening, having an interactive conversation, learning how to relate personally. You just can’t get better at that with a smart phone.

Practice And Learn The Art Of Chit Chat

Engage in small talk about things you enjoy and like that can have commonality with others. Your ability to chit chat allows someone to gain greater insight into you.

Realize The Power Of Eye Contact, Humor, And Authenticity

...in personal versus virtual connecting. There is nothing like real-time live energy of being with people. It is the only way to get a true sense of someone’s vibe, spirit, and personality.

Know The Power Of A First Impression

Face-to-face contact gives you the ability to make a more lasting and memorable impression because of the way someone makes you feel, and how you make them feel. As I look ahead to passing the torch to Gen Y, I see an amazing generation of inspired young people who are already making a significant mark on our world! Your preparedness for the technological world combined with better interpersonal skills will make you one of the most coveted and dynamic demographics of our time!

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