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Q & A With Career Coach J.T. O'Donnell: Career Growth Tactics

Q & A With Career Coach J.T. O'Donnell: Career Growth Tactics

You asked, she answered! J.T. took your toughest career questions and answered them in real-time! Didn't make it for the live show? No worries, you can still join the conversation and learn what you can do to grow your career in 2020!


1.How To Apply For An Out Of State Job?

JeNelle asks: "How do you apply for work Of state? CA to AZ!"

2.I Keep Applying For Jobs And Attending Interview But I Can't Get A Job! Help

Marcella says:

"How to land a job in this competitive market. I send a lot of resumes and go to many job interviews and nothing? Please HELP!"

3.How Can Recruiters Help To Motivate Unemployed Jobseekers? 

Daniel asks:

"How do you think recruiters can help motivate unemployed jobseekers?"

4.How To Get A Job With A Felony On Your Record?

Mike asks:

"How do you handle overcoming a felony on your record that's over 10 years old?"

5.How Can I Successfully Switch Career Fields?

Badr asks:

'I am switching fields. How can I sell my story during an interview? I am completely convinced about my story and career path but the most important thing is convincing the recruiter."

6.How Can I  Stay Motivated While Applying For Jobs?

Rosa asks:

"I've been using your strategies and the organization I want to work for is flying me across the country to interview. I'll be interviewing (4 interview panels - 9 people in each panel) What is your best advice to not get mentally exhausted?"

7.How To Handle Ageism While Applying For Jobs?

Renn asks:

"Well here's a question for you: how do you deal with Ageism?? I go To job interviews & during the interviews (yes, plural), I'll be told yes a have a job for you but I'm not going to hire you!"

8.How Many Years Of Experience Should My Resume Have?

John asks:

How far back should your resume go? 10 yrs? 15 yrs?

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