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Think you're going to find a job you can brag about to your friends on Craigslist? If so, then I'd like to throw another option your way... Related: 3 Tips To Land Your Dream Job I mean, if you want to throw a dart at the board and hope you hit the bulls-eye with a job you love before it's time to retire, then I guess that's okay. But if you've ever felt like you're meant for something more in life, and refuse to accept any boring, normal job that you don't hate too much...

Then Check Out These 3 Up-And-Coming Job Sites

1. GameChangers 500

Traditional corporate-types aren't going to like it on GameChangers 500. This is a list consisting of a new breed of organizations that “utilize business to not only make money, but also to make the world a better place." So, who will you find on this list?
  • Companies with renowned and inspirational work environments, like Google.
  • Organizations with an environmental consciousness like Patagonia.
  • And people who give back in a big way, like TOMS shoes.
Cool, huh? If I were looking for an awesome job with a great company, then this is where I'd start.

2. BCorporation.Net

On BCorporation.net, you'll find more than 900 companies from 29 countries officially certified as being “B Corps," or “For-Benefit" Corporations. These are amazing companies who “use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems," and they're looking for passionate people who want to make an impact on a daily basis. So, if you've always wanted a job that makes a big difference in the world, then you can check out their awesome job board and see if there's a fit.

3. EscapeTheCity.Org

As the name implies, job opportunities found on EscapeTheCity.org tailor to those seeking adventure in exotic places. They release their 'Top 10 Escape Opportunities' every Monday, and include exciting startup opportunities, companies making a big social impact, and opportunities abroad. If you're looking to add some excitement to your life, I'd definitely check them out.

Wait! Don't Apply Just Yet...

Now, before you start making a list of 50 organizations from these sites and start firing off resumes, there's something you should know. The traditional resume and cover letter that you were taught to create in school isn't going to cut it with them. In fact, if you're going to spam them all with the same boring, templated resume and cover letter, then you might as well save your time and go back to Craigslist… because you'll have a far better shot there. These aren't ordinary, traditional corporations from the '90's. They're modern, sophisticated companies that hire people who care about their mission as much as they do, and who are willing to showcase their authentic strengths and passions in a unique way. So, when you find a position with a company like this that you know you have to get, put some time into thinking about how you can get their attention in a creative way. Combining a smart job seeking strategy with one of the amazing companies found on these up-and-coming job sites might just lead to your dream job. And if you want three more valuable, free tips on how to do that... you can sign up to watch a free video I put together with the help of the founder of The GameChangers 500 list I mentioned above, right here.

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