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Flub Or Fierce: Breaking Up With The Boss Via YouTube

Flub Or Fierce: Breaking Up With The Boss Via YouTube

There are millions of people out there who dream of breaking up with the boss, company, and the mind-numbing, time consuming, and life-ruining work they have put up with for so long. One girl made this dream a reality. While at work at 4:30 one morning, Marina Shifrin finally cracked. In a video she created for her boss, the 25-year-old says, "For almost two years, I've sacrificed my relationships, time, and energy for this job." Then, with the help of Kanye West's "Gone," she proceeds to announce to her boss - and now the world - that she's quitting, and dances her way out the door. Unfortunately, many employees wish they could do the same. According to Gallup, 70% of Americans don’t like their jobs. The video, which now has over 4,000,000 views, has stirred some controversy. Many believe that she has severely hurt her brand by posting this resignation video. Others, however, applaud her bold move. But Shifrin didn't just post this video on a whim. She said she put some serious thought into the matter beforehand, as she understood the serious consequences that could unfold. “I thought about that a lot before I posted this video,” Shifrin said in an article on “I started working when I was 13 as a babysitter and I’ve always had like two or three jobs… but our generation is seen as lazy. What’s the line between us being brats and expecting a perfect job or expecting praise at work or expecting to be just respected? We just get such a bad rap.” However, some believe this 'viral high' she's feeling right now will quickly (and inevitably) turn into a major crash, leaving her jobless and crippling her career.   Comment via Huffington Post   On the other hand, Shifrin's cheeky and creative way of telling her boss to 'take this job and shove it' has been applauded by some. She's a hero to many who long to leave their jobs - or wish they had left their jobs sooner.   Comment via Huffington Post   So, what do employers think about this? According to Shifrin, her company (and boss) are not taking the goofy (and very public) resignation lightly. “Obviously the management isn’t really thrilled with me right now,” she said. Whether or not Shifrin can get a new job in her desired field is debatable. One concern for employers is that Shifrin could turn into the Taylor Swift of breaking up with bosses. What if she decided she didn't like the job or her boss? Would she make another viral 'I Quit' video that could severely damage the company's image? On the other hand, since the video spread like wildfire on the Internet, the move could actually work in her favor. Her arguably courageous move has been acknowledged by some professionals as a positive thing. “Clearly, she’s a woman that is creative and has a lot of energy," said Scott Gilmore, CEO of Building Markets. "We’ve all been in positions that weren’t right for us. There’s nothing wrong with quitting your job. Life is short.” What do you think? Do you think Shifrin made a dumb, irrational move? Or, do you applaud Shifrin's audacity?We want to hear your thoughts. Talk to us in the comment section below (and don't forget to vote)! [poll id="140"]

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