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Should I Follow Up With An Interviewer Over Facebook?

Should I Follow Up With An Interviewer Over Facebook?

After an interview, it's very important to reach out to the employer. But is following up with your interviewer via Facebook a smart move? Each week, we choose one question from our readers and throw it out to our panel of approved career experts to answer. This week’s question:

"Last Friday, I had an interview at a factory and it went better than I could have imagined. The interviewer said he was very impressed with me overall and felt very strongly about getting me a job there. He even said that he wants to find a higher level, more technical job than what I applied for because I deserve better. Three friends who worked there gave very good recommendations for me the same day I was there. "Here's the problem I'm seeing: It's been a week and I haven't gotten a phone call back yet. I can't directly contact my interviewer because the hiring is done through a third party contractor. However, I'm pretty sure I've found his profile on Facebook. Would it be okay to send him a message thanking him for the interview and to ask if he had found any jobs that would be more suitable for me?" - D

Should I Follow Up With An Interviewer Over Facebook?

Send A Thank-You Note ASAP

"If you did not send a thank-you note to the interviewer, you should do that immediately," Debra Wheatman of Careers Done Write says. "There is no reason why you cannot write to the person, but I would not recommend doing this via the Facebook page." She suggests sending a professional note to the interviewer at his place of business, indicating your interest in pursuing a suitable role there. The third party will still be involved in the hiring process and you will be perceived as proactive.

Show Off Your Capabilities

Here, Don Goodman of Got The Job suggests calling your contact - NOT to follow up but instead to continue to show off your capabilities. So, figure out an intelligent question to ask that demonstrates your enthusiasm and knowledge. "Remember that people hire people they like so continuing to build rapport is a good thing," he says. "Of course at the end of the call you can ask what the next step might be."

Tell Him What You Liked About The Place

"It's certainly okay to send a message to the hiring manager via Facebook, but rather than ask him if he's found any jobs for you, I would remind him of what he liked about you in the first place," says Cheryl Simpson of Executive Resume Rescue. "Restate your strongest skills and refresh his memory about your experience. Summarize three problems you've solved for other employers and note the measurable impact your solutions had on their operations."

Wait It Out A Little Longer

"Job search and hiring never really proceed with much speed, as much as all job seekers would want it to," says Dorothy Tannahill-Moran of Next Chapter New Life. "You simply don't know if your interviewer was out, traveling, or immersed in a business issue. It's better to allow them time to pursue their other options for you." Tannahill-Moran says she regularly advises people to close the interview with a review of follow up and timing. "If you have another interview at any point in the future just know, it's OK to ask the timing of those next steps," she says.