What To Say When Following Up On Your Resume

What To Say When Following Up On Your Resume

What should you say when following up on your resume? Many job seekers miss out on the opportunity to WOW an employer because they don’t follow up on each and every resume submission.

Benefits Of Following Up On Your Resume

Following up on every resume or application has the following benefits:

Ensures your resume was received

Just because you sent it doesn’t mean it was received on the other end. Don’t trust the web program, Internet site, referral service, fax, email, or even the trusty USPS. Follow up, first and foremost, to be sure that your important information arrived.

Confirms the right person received

Try to find out who is reviewing the applications or resumes and make sure he or she received it. Personalizing your resume and cover letter information is not going to do you much good if they end up on someone else’s desk (more likely their trash can or shredder).

Gives you the opportunity to obtain additional information

By going to the trouble of making sure the appropriate person has received your documents, you will obtain more information that you can use to your benefit, including:
  1. Hiring contact name
  2. Interview timeline
  3. Maybe even schedule an interview

Illustrates your organization skills

Even before the interview, the employer will see that you are organized enough to keep track of your applications and submissions, and plan accordingly. Further, you can be relied upon. Employers in all industries value these qualities.

Highlights your follow up skills

Following up speaks to your dedication and, again, reliability. If you follow up on your application, you could likely be relied upon to follow up on delegated tasks or requests that are outsourced. You are someone who can get the job done.

Demonstrates you want the job

Mind boggling, but true: Employers actually tell me that they cannot find anyone who wants to work. Really work. If you are not just going through the motions to satisfy a third party (unemployment, spouse, society…), follow up on every job application to show that interest.

Shows your perseverance

What is perseverance? Here are some synonyms – every employer would find them a positive attribute:
  1. Determination
  2. Diligence
  3. Doggedness
  4. Grit
  5. Resolution
Okay, so maybe I am preaching to the choir and you agree that following up on your resume is a good idea. Maybe you just don’t know what to say?

What To Say When Following Up On Your Resume

Start with a script to practice and refer to (use your own words):
Hi, My name is ____. I wanted to make sure that my resume for the _________ position was received. (Smile, it is important to try to forge a relationship with the receptionist, who may be the only person willing to help you right now. Jot down her name and use it). Can you transfer me to the hiring manager or their admin (receptionist name); this is a perfect opportunity for me?
Ideally, you will be transferred to someone whom you can repeat the above with and add:
What is the timeline for interviewing, if I may ask? Is there any way I can go ahead and get on the schedule – this job is a perfect match for me!
If not, then ask if there is anyone you can follow up with and what way they like to communicate. See if the receptionist is willing to check while you hold. Do what you can to obtain any information so that you can use it to connect or research on LinkedIn, or get in the door some other way. If all else fails you can always submit a resume with a follow up note via email, fax, or the USPS…. Good luck! This post was originally published on an earlier date.

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