4 Things That Make Your Job Fulfilling

4 Things That Make Your Job Fulfilling

Many jobs are rewarding because of the type of work they require, due to the demographics they serve, or as a result of the communities they create. When you find your job fulfilling, it’s motivating to go to work and, oftentimes, it inspires those around you. Related:3 Smart Employers That Invest In Your Education Professionals who want to find a fulfilling workplace and a rewarding position need to discover an employer that creates an atmosphere for it. The reasons are plentiful; when you’re happy at work you’re more productive, and when you’re fulfilled you’re more satisfied and optimistic. The extent to which each person needs to feel fulfilled in their career varies, but it’s clear that it’s important. Since what we do is a large part of how we identify who we are, it’s important to feel fulfilled by a career that helps shape our self-perceptions positively. I’ve discovered that while many employers claim to value their employees’ fulfillment, there are few who really take calculated steps to support it. Kohl’s is different. Its very purpose is to “inspire and empower families to lead fulfilled lives.” Not only does the company support its shoppers’ families, but it motivates its family of employees while giving them the tools and environment to develop fulfilling careers.

4 Things That Make Your Job Fulfilling

How do you know when you have a job that’s rewarding? Let’s take a few leads from #LifeatKohls on things that make your job fulfilling:

1. Engagement

Leadership or management that wants to make a difference in your life - both at work and away - will seek ways to engage you as an employee. To help you lead a fulfilling career, your managers should listen to your concerns and understand your goals, while supporting you and giving you the tools to achieve them. They will communicate openly with you, and expect you to do the same. This will help foster your skills and promote your ongoing development as a professional. By celebrating your achievements and challenging you to work hard for accomplishments, an employer that engages you will help make your job more rewarding.

2. Integrity

Integrity means having the quality of honesty and adhering to moral and ethical standards. Your job is more fulfilling when its purpose or its guiding principles align with your values. Kohl’s employees act with integrity by earning trust and living up to commitments, treating others with respect and fairness, and upholding the reputation of the organization. Because fundamental qualities like these are a driving force of the work they do each day, employees of companies like this are more likely to be satisfied by the impact of their work.

3. Community

The element of community is two-fold. A company that is recognized by industry peers as a thought-leader or the standard of achievement in their field are well-reputed in their community. This is beneficial to employees who are proud to be employed there and who feel fulfilled by working for a reliable and respected business. Additionally, a company that fosters a sense of community within its organization will help employees feel more fulfilled by the relationships and support the community brings. Communities share values and beliefs, while welcoming diverse perspectives and guidance. Recognition from external communities paired with support from internal communities will make your job feel more impactful.

4. Giving Back

When there is a cause you care about, it feels great to get involved or give back in some way. Employers like Kohl’s recognize that not only is it valuable to support its local communities, but it’s important to recognize the causes that are important to its customers and associates. Deriving inspiration and guidance from its customers, Kohl’s teams up with its employees to get involved in returning the support to the community. You know the saying, “It’s better to give than to receive,” right? That’s because at the end of the day, it always feels great knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. No matter what kind of work you do, when your job encourages you to positively impact the lives of others, you’ll feel more fulfilled at the end of every day. Whether it’s from getting involved in the community, fostering relationships at work, or just being passionate about your role, feeling fulfilled is what gives your job value and makes it meaningful to you. Do you have a fulfilling job? Tweet me @SamanthaSaysSo and tell me what makes it satisfying!

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