Get A Promotion In 2017 By Doing THIS...

Get A Promotion In 2017 By Doing THIS...

You’re happy at your job, but you want to take it to the next level. You’re ready for more responsibility and a fatter paycheck. Are you ready to get a promotion in 2017? (Psst! Can’t get hired? Watch this free tutorial.) According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 30% of workers are hoping to get a raise or promotion this year. If you want to get a promotion in 2017, you need to brand yourself accordingly. Think about your key skill sets and character traits. What will you need to leverage if you were to get a higher-level role within your company? What do you need to prove to your boss in order to make that dream promotion a reality? If you want to get a promotion in 2017, have a chat with your boss and set clear expectations for yourself. What do you need to do in his or her eyes in order to earn more responsibility and a higher salary? In addition to that, there are some other key areas you should start focusing on. If you want to set yourself up for a promotion, you need to start branding yourself as...

… A go-getter.

Sure, you’ve worked hard at your company for several years now and you feel like it’s time you earned that elusive promotion. However, your tenure at a company will not automatically equal a promotion. While longevity at a company can come into play when employers grant promotions, it’s not the main decider. Promotions are given to those who can prove they’re actively seeking more responsibility and can handle the additional workload. If you can show your employer that you can go the extra mile in your current job, you increase your chances of earning that promotion. So, challenge yourself to take on new projects, present new ideas, and volunteer for extra activities in the office.

… An efficient worker.

A common misconception people make is that you need to come in early and stay late in order to get a promotion at work. While some employers expect this behavior due to the nature of their work, other employers don’t look at it as favorably. If you can’t get your work done within the timeframe you’re given, you risk looking inefficient. Employers don’t want to pay you overtime in order to finish the work others can finish within the same timeframe. Additionally, if you can’t get the work done as quickly as someone else, you’ll look slow, even lazy, despite working twice as hard. If you’re angling for a promotion at work this year, you need to brand yourself as an efficient worker. Find ways to streamline your processes, identify your time sucks, and research how to make the most of your time at work.

… A leader in the office.

As you climb the ladder, chances are, you’ll be put in more leadership roles. If you can brand yourself as a leader in the office, it will give your boss more reason to promote you. Further, establishing yourself as a leader early on in your career will make it easier for you to transition into those higher-level roles. Make an effort to take the lead on projects and support your co-workers. Avoid micromanaging people, though, and don’t take on the attitude of “my way is the best way.” Leaders listen, support others, identify problems and solutions, and build foundations that help ideas come to life - without stepping on other people’s toes. If you’re ready to start taking on a bigger role at your company and earning more money, start setting yourself up now. Getting promotions doesn’t happen overnight. You need to work at it and brand yourself effectively.

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