How To Focus On Your Career In Times Of Crisis

A concerned woman deals with a crisis while balancing her life.

Whether it's the current coronavirus pandemic or a personal crisis, there are times when your career is the last thing on your mind. But, it is possible to maintain focus on your career while dealing with a crisis.

Many of life's rough patches have a way of passing eventually. That's why it's important to never give up on career goals or opportunities to grow your career.

Here are four ways to stay on track while dealing with a crisis:

Make Work-Life Balance A Priority

Woman works from home while balancing her career during a personal crisis.


This works both ways for the employee and employer.

In times of trouble, you and your family come first, and it's important that remains the top priority. Take care of what needs to be taken care of. Don't completely abandon your career and career goals, but it's okay to put them on the back burner.

Many workplaces have been making an effort to offer a better work-life balance to employees and it's important that they continue to do so. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many workplaces are offering increased work from home flexibility and have adjusted sick pay policies.

Businesses should always build flexibility into their company culture. Not only is it good for worldwide crises like the coronavirus pandemic, but it works well when employees are dealing with a personal or family crisis. Not only is a decent thing to do, but it will make the employees want to return to work when they're ready. Companies that often go the extra mile will likely see the same dedication from employees.

Make Your Goals An Escape

A man remains focused during a time of uncertainty.


Whenever dealing with a crisis, it's important to have an escape. Something to focus on during the periods of time when you're not addressing the crisis. These escapes can be simple things like exercise, reading a book, and spending time with important people in your life.

Sometimes your career can be an escape.

It's not uncommon to hear stories about athletes playing their respective games after facing a tragedy or personal hardship. Many say the time playing the game is a nice escape from the adversity they are facing.

If you're a person that really loves their job, spending some time on your career could be a great escape. If you're looking to change careers or focus on professional development, these are things that can also be worked on.

It always depends on personal preference, and your career shouldn't come before you and your family. But, if focusing on your career provides an escape and doesn't have a negative impact, then take advantage of the opportunity.

Don't Be Afraid To Talk About The Crisis 


Another thing that works both ways between employees and employers is good communication. Good communication is crucial in times of uncertainty.

Employees going through a major personal crisis shouldn't be afraid to communicate with their supervisors. Managers should be aware of anything that may take away from an employee's job performance, and employee's shouldn't be afraid to talk about it.

Managers should be understanding and accommodating, because no one is exempt from personal or national crises and the shoe could easily be on the other foot.

Good communication will be important as businesses deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As schools and businesses continue to shut down, employees and employers need to stay in touch about changes in schedules, work environments, and challenges ahead.

No matter the situation, sometimes it's better just to talk about it.

Check In With Your Network


This shouldn't be a top priority, but as you work through a crisis you may hear from friends, colleagues, and professional acquaintances that are checking in on you.

When you get a chance, thank them for their concern.

This also applies during the coronavirus pandemic. Reach out to your network and see how they are handling the situation and how it has impacted their work routines. People can learn a lot from each other by exchanging stories, sharing ideas, and working through challenges together.

These are all small things that help to strengthen your network, and as challenging times pass, having a strong network can benefit you in the future.

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