Why You Need Achievements On Your LinkedIn Profile

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If you want to stand out from other job candidates, both your resume and your LinkedIn profile need to have specific, tangible, quantifiable achievements.

We see so many resumes that are very "duty-oriented"—the candidate lists what they've done but doesn't mention anything about what they've achieved.

Here are a few tips on how to write an achievement-based LinkedIn profile.

1. Highlight Your Main Skills In Your LinkedIn Summary ("About" Section)

Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your personal branding tools and first impressions are important. Highlight your skills in your LinkedIn profile just as you would on your resume. People often say generic stuff like "I worked in marketing," but that doesn't tell recruiters anything about what they've done.

What powerful words can you use to stand out? What specifically have you done that would be relevant to the jobs you're applying for? Think about these questions as you list your hard skills at the end of your "About" section.

2. Include Accomplishments & Quantify Your Results With Numbers

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Recruiters want you to tell them why you're the right fit for the job, so don't be shy about emphasizing what your skills are and how they'd help their company.

Quantify your results as best you can. Use examples that include numbers. if you've saved time or money—by how much? List your accomplishments as bullet points. If something can't be quantified (like job responsibilities), it won't impress recruiters and employers. Therefore, don't waste space on your LinkedIn profile by including them.

3. Prove That You're A Self-Starter

Man updates his LinkedIn profile with achievements


What is it that you've initiated in your job? Did you start any new projects or come up with new ideas? Highlighting projects you've set out to achieve on your own is a great way to show that you're someone who takes initiative, without always being told what to do.

Of course, you should quantify as much information about these projects as possible. This will catch the eye of recruiters and act as a great conversation starter with your network.

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Writing an achievement-based LinkedIn profile is a great way to highlight why you're a great fit for the job.

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