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How To Become A Motivational Speaker

How To Become A Motivational Speaker

Throughout history, famous public speakers have managed to change and influence the lives of millions. Nowadays, motivational speakers are hired by universities and schools to inspire and motivate students to become good leaders, study hard, stay away from drugs, and make smart plans for their academic future. Many students are fascinated by public speakers, and believe it or not, public speaking can be an excellent career option after graduation. As a professional motivational speaker, you get to have financial prosperity, freedom, and fun while doing some good and helping others.

Have something you'd like to share with the rest of the world?

Are you a new grad with a lot of things to say? Do you enjoy public speaking? Public speakers who make up to $20,000 per presentation have tens of years of experience in the field. They're not making a lot of money because of their status - they're making that money because of what they want to convey. Their stories are moving, inspiring, and emotional.

Can you make people listen to what you have to say? Do you have what it takes to make 100 individuals pay attention to every word that comes out of your mouth? If that's the case, then you were born to become a public speaker. The sooner you start the better chances you have to build a strong reputation in this field.

Start small - create a blog

The easiest way of sharing whatever you have to say with the rest of the world is by making a blog. Blogging is free, and everything you really need to get your site up and running is time. Many students don't know what they want become after graduation. Is public speaking something you've always wanted to try? Switch things up and move from blogging to vlogging (video blogging). Create a YouTube channel and record yourself speaking. Pick a niche and focus on it. Practice every day to draw attention, welcome any type of criticism, and use it to improve your style.

Write motivational articles and sell them

A public speaking career demands a lot of time and dedication to become financially profitable. Contribute to free media on major social media websites, and write motivational articles for journalistic publications. Some organizations may compensate you for your work, others won't. You have to be willing to write for free to get your name out there. Since you're a recent graduate with no experience in the field, proving a point and convincing a crowd that you're valuable can be a nerve-wrecking process. In the end it will be worth it though.

Remember: every article that you write, whether it's free or paid, must have a call-to-action at the very end. It should direct people to your official website or social media pages.

Selecting a niche

Every professional public speaker has a niche. You should have one too. What motivates you to speak in front of people? What are your favorite topics? Do you have what it takes to keep them interested for 60 minutes? New grads who want to pursue this career path should, first and foremost, practice. Rehearse your speech in front of a mirror, record yourself, analyze your moves and gestures, and assess if you're being fluent enough.

Some people are natural born speakers. They can easily stand up and talk about a subject without any interruptions for hours. You don't have to be one of those people to become a successful speaker. However, you do have to practice in order to master the art of public speaking from an early age.

Storytelling is an excellent way of getting rid of emotions during a speech. Use it wisely to draw attention and make yourself comfortable in front of the people. Make them relate to what you have to say by sharing something relevant and meaningful (it doesn't have to be a funny story, but make sure that it's something real). Graduates may not have a lot of life experience but they do have a lot of significant information they can share with a crowd. They can persuade other students to study and they can stress the importance of a solid academic background. Do you think you have what it takes to be a motivational speaker?

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