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How To Improve Your Career Narrative

How To Improve Your Career Narrative

Times are definitely uncertain right now. Many of us have never seen anything like this situation before... and now there is talk of a Your career narrative has a direct result on whether you succeed or fail in your career.

"You are in control of your career narrative at all times. Nobody is writing this narrative for you. Society has pressured you, but you are still the one who has written the narrative that is currently running on autopilot in your head. You wrote that narrative, which means you have 100% control over it and can change it."

However, so many people were never taught what a career narrative is, or how to properly craft one.

In this episode, I'll show you how to create your career narrative and how to use it to land that dream job (even when times are tough) and achieve career happiness.

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Meet Your Host: J.T. O'Donnell

J.T. O'Donnell is the founder and CEO of Work It Daily, an online platform dedicated to helping people solve their biggest career problems.

She has more than 15 years of experience in HR, recruiting and career coaching.

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