4 Reasons Why Writing A Cover Letter DOESN'T Have To Be Difficult

Young professional writes his cover letter while eating breakfast.

Writing a good cover letter is one of the most crucial parts of the job search process. Without a good cover letter, you won't even score a job interview.

Because of the pressure associated with writing the cover letter, some people dread writing them. However, with the right attitude, writing a cover letter can actually be enjoyable.

Instead of thinking of a cover letter as something that you HAVE to do, consider it an opportunity. Opportunities are exciting and contain endless possibilities. Your cover letter is an opportunity to show a potential employer how you would fit into the company.

Here's how you take this opportunity and run with it!

If You're Applying For The Right Job, Writing A Cover Letter Should Be Easy


If you truly want the position you're applying for, understand the position, and do your research about the company, then writing a cover letter shouldn't be too difficult. When you're excited and pumped up about something, it's usually pretty fun to share that excitement with others, and explain how that excitement came to be.

In some ways, writing a cover letter is like having a conversation. When you know a lot about a particular topic of conversation, you're able to continually contribute to it and keep it going. If you're applying for a job that you're excited about, you should easily be able to give multiple examples of why the job appeals to you, and why you would be a good fit for it.

If you're struggling to convey interest for the job and how you would be a good fit, it's very possible that you're applying to the job for the wrong reasons or don't really understand the job you're applying for.

How easy, or difficult, the cover letter is to write says a lot about whether you're pursuing the right opportunity. If the job is a good fit, you'll welcome the opportunity to write the cover letter.

This Is Your Opportunity To Be Disruptive

How often in life are you actually encouraged to be disruptive? Writing a cover letter gives you a chance to do just that.

A disruptive cover letter is a cover letter that gets an emotional reaction from the recruiter. The response is so strong that the recruiter is more focused on the person than the piece of paper.

The best way to generate this type of response is by sharing a story about why you feel a personal connection to the company that you're applying to. It could be a personal life experience that you feel connects you with the company's brand, or a story about a personal experience you had with the company and how it molded your professional goals.

By capturing the recruiter's heart and mind, you'll create a connection with them that will give you an edge in securing a job interview.

Just Remember To Avoid These Cover Letter Mistakes

Businesswoman show frustration over a mistake she made in her cover letter.


To ensure that your disruptive cover letter has the desired effect, make sure you proofread multiple times to avoid grammatical errors. It may be a good idea to have a friend or trusted mentor give the letter a read for both grammar and content. An additional set of eyes is never a bad idea.

It's also important to make sure the cover letter doesn't mirror your resume. In addition to making a personal connection, you can use your cover letter to give specific examples of why you fit the position, but it should be unique from what is already on your resume.

Make sure you don't use the same cover letter for applying to different jobs. Each cover letter should be unique to the position and company that you're applying for. You'll also want to personalize the cover letter. Do some research about who will be receiving the cover letter. It's usually best to avoid the phrase "to whom it may be concerned."

Writing A Good Cover Letter Can Lead To New Opportunities

A human resources manager shakes hands with a job seeker during an interview.


It's possible to write a good cover letter, get a job interview or two, not get the job, and still win!

If you were able to secure multiple interviews with a company that means you were a strong candidate. There was just another candidate who may have been a better fit at that time.

Thank the company for the opportunity, ask them to keep you in mind for future opportunities, and keep in touch.

Writing a strong cover letter got you in the door and on the company's radar. As a result, you made some new connections within your desired industry. Be excited about this!

Perhaps most importantly, by writing a strong cover letter you hopefully learned a little more about yourself and what excites you professionally. This will help you tailor future job searches and give you confidence for future cover letters.

That's a lot of positives from one letter.

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