International Relations Careers In Seattle-Portland

International Relations Careers In Seattle-Portland

Portland and Seattle, two of the most culturally and economically-diverse cities in the world, offer fantastic opportunities for professionals interested in the field of International Relations. The strong local economies of the Pacific Northwest - Portland and Seattle rank among the top ten in major American cities for fiscal fitness (second and eighth, respectively) - have helped to power a boom in international trade and business ventures, driving international economic development initiatives for the entire country. Combined with the numerous area organizations that promote global economic development, these two cities provide an excellent atmosphere for anyone interested in the International Relations field. We can't stress enough how strong the local economies are in Portland and Seattle. These cities are home to numerous enterprises which have buffered the area from much of the economic downturn of the recent years. Unemployment rates of 6% remain lower than the national average. Additionally, the area boasts an average hourly pay rate of $27.06 which is 24% higher than the national average of $21.74. These unique economic and environmental conditions provide the residents in the area with an excellent quality of life.

Working In Seattle And Portland

With its strong financial backdrop, and the presence of numerous organizations that promote global economic development initiatives, Seattle and Portland offer a wealth of opportunities for those interested in the field of International Relations. Among the organizations that offer opportunities for International Relations professionals are:
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation specializes in combating international poverty through addressing the fundamental needs such as increased access to quality health care, improved education, and revitalization of infrastructure. This organization is constantly recruiting scholars in International Relations to develop and improve strategies for improving the lives of the needy.
  • Global Partnerships is a forward-thinking organization that specializes in a four-pronged approach to international development, focusing on Central America. They understand that the key to expanding economic development in third-world conditions is to provide micro-entrepreneurship capital and rural livelihoods. In addition, they also focus on the health conditions of the developing area as well as introducing green technology. They actively seek International Relations scholars to expand the reach of their organization.
  • The Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle has become the foundation for regional international trade strategies. They work closely with state and local authorities to maximize the international presence of corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Paccar. Additionally, they work with international governments and corporations to ensure that trade and investments into the city continually grow.

Living In Seattle And Portland

Both cities - known as two of the more vibrant and culturally-accepting places in America - offer a wealth of opportunities for networking and collaborating with other International Relations professionals. Portland visitors should monitor the opportunities presented to them by the World Affairs Council of Portland; Seattle residents should visit the trusted The World Affairs Council of Seattle, which has spent over 60 years developing the international perspective of Seattle through internships, cultural exchanges, and symposiums on international relations. Volunteers are always welcome as they actively seek to further the international influence of the city. Seattle, in particular, is excellently positioned for anyone interested in International Relations thanks in large part to the extensive number of privately operated international corporations in the area. These companies continually draw global audiences to the city. Additionally, Seattle offers ease of travel to Asia and Canadian markets as well as convenient travel to anywhere on the western US coast. As the major hub for Alaskan travelers, Seattle is one of the few areas in the U.S where flights routinely provide travelers nonstop flights throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. It's a great, vital place to work and to live.
This article was written by Social Media Outreach Coordinator Rebecca Lindegren on behalf of CAREEREALISM-Approved Partner, 2U — an education technology company that partners with institutions of higher education such as the American University, which provides an online Master of Arts in International Relations.
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