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For many people, interviews are extremely nerve-wracking. What if you say the wrong thing? Related: Best Advice For An Interview If you have a hard time remembering relevant examples to use during job interviews, I’ve got an interview hack for you: Create a Google Doc of examples you can showcase during an interview. Make sure to update this doc on a regular basis. Why is this helpful? Because, when you land an interview, you won’t have to worry about remembering all of those important accomplishments or challenges you overcame. Instead, you’ll just have to pull up your Google Doc with your most prominent experiences and figure out which ones apply. Having this running list of experiences will make it easier for you to bring up examples during your interviews. Here are three things you should make note of in your doc:

Quantifiable Accomplishments

Keep track of your quantifiable accomplishments so you can use them in both your resume and interview answers. Use percentages whenever possible and tie your accomplishments to numbers. Numbers are everything!! Check out this post to learn how to quantify your accomplishments.

Challenges You’ve Overcome

What are some challenges you’ve had to overcome in order to get promoted, get the client, or work better on a team? How did you do it? Knowing these is extremely important. Employers look for examples like these.

Stories That Showcase Your Enthusiasm For Your Work

What makes you so enthusiastic about your work? Be specific – Tell a story. Document some real examples as they happen. These real stories will set you apart from the generic answers so many people give during interviews. You don’t want to just TELL them “you love helping people,” you want to SHOW them by telling a story about WHY you love helping people and by giving them a real example to work off of. Showing enthusiasm is a crucial element to nailing interviews. They want to know you’re passionate about the work. Jot down those reasons whenever you have one of those “today was great!” days. Hopefully this interview hack works for you! Follow me @AriellaCoombs for more career tips!

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