6 Reasons Why Job Hunting Is Exactly Like Dating (And It Stinks)

Women frustrated with her job search

When you were dating, did you meet someone who caught your interest? Did you scour social media to get the inside scoop on that person? Most likely! You even dressed confidently for your first date and put your best face on. After the date, you followed up with a sweet message and bam! You were still rejected.

Like going on a date, a job search is a necessary evil that you must endure to reach your desires, unless you're content with being broke and single for the rest of your life. Both will stir up feelings of irritation, but eventually, they'll lead you to a place of fulfillment (at least one can hope).

Here are six reasons why job hunting is exactly like dating, and how you can finally land the job of your dreams!

1. You're Looking For A Perfect Fit

In dating, we fantasize about a partner that will have everything on our checklist including being financially independent, sexy, and a wonderful cook! Of course, for each of us, our potential partner checklists will vary, but the issue with having this mindset is...

We may lose out on a great connection because we failed to look at the whole package.

Money isn't everything and no job will be the perfect fit, like no partner will be the perfect Lifetime Movie rom-com soulmate. However, you can look for similarities in core values, which is super significant, because it will increase your compatibility with one another.

Also, be sure to notice interests you both share!

Example: Your prospective employer guarantees matching donations to a charity you support, or you both value work-life balance and believe in the benefits of remote work. More compatibility = more understanding between you two = happy people.

2. There Are Commitment Issues

Commit yourself to getting out there and do it regularly!

You'll have to go through a period of networking and dating before you find the right fit for both a job and a relationship. But if you scarcely apply to job boards or go out once a month to socialize, you're sabotaging your own chances of finding that right job or relationship.

3. Craziness Won't Be Tolerated

Let's be honest: all of us have some quirky, goofy, slightly odd telltales. And there's nothing wrong with that! Yet, the way you present yourself during the initial date or interview will set you apart from the rest. So, ask yourself...

On a first date, would you:

  • Bad mouth your ex?
  • Talk about the names of your future children?
  • Spill your personal secrets and insecurities?
  • Only talk about yourself?

Likewise, on an interview, would you:

  • Bad mouth your previous employer?
  • Talk about salary?
  • Spill your personal secrets and insecurities?
  • Only talk about yourself?

No, of course not! With both scenarios, you want to be polite and personable.

4. Etiquette Is Non-Negotiable

So, what should you do to make a great first impression during your job hunting?

  • Don't speak ill of any of your past employers EVER.
  • Do not bring up salary unless the interviewer does, and if so, learn how to tactfully answer this question.
  • Talk about your strengths and achievements in a quantitative way.
  • Ask the interviewer questions too (at the end), because an interview is a conversation, not a chance for you to be a Chatty Cathy the entire time.

Now, if you're not too savvy in the etiquette department, pick up an etiquette handbook to teach you basic good manners. There's even podcasts and apps you can download to assist. Along with proper etiquette, putting your best foot forward is also super important.

5. Your "A" Game Is Required

Master cues on when to keep your mouth closed and when to listen. Be polite (which means turning off your cell phone before the meeting/interview/date), and don't overpower the conversation.

6. You'll Play Hard & Be Persistent

Follow up regularly in the process, whether it's after a job interview or a successful date. Both your potential partner and employer will observe your actions after the big date or interview has taken place.

Essentially, you want to show interest but not be super available or desperate!

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