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Who can use a 30-60-90-Day Plan for a stronger, more successful job interview? Everyone.

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In the past, 30-60-90-Day Plans were used only for sales job interviews, but now, job seekers in all white-collar jobs (including the medical/healthcare arena, insurance and financial fields, accounting, law, administrative assisting, sales, project management and more) are using 30-60-90-day plans in the interview to get job offers. Many report that they are getting offers within minutes of interviewing, and sometimes they are getting job offers for higher-level positions (at higher salaries) than what they actually interviewed for.

Why do 30-60-90-Day Plans make such a positive impact in your interview?

In the interview, the hiring manager is looking for you to prove four things:
  1. You understand the job.
  2. You can do the job.
  3. You will do the job.
  4. You pose no risk to his or her own continued employment with that company. (They are judged, among other things, by the quality of their hires.)
This is why interviews can feel so much like interrogations with you in the hot seat. The interviewer is trying to get to know you better, but is also looking for your fatal flaw so he or she can avoid making the mistake of hiring you. His or her job performance depends on your job performance, so making a good choice here is incredibly important.

Your 30-60-90-day plan will:

  • Elevate your conversation far beyond what others (your competition) are talking about in their interviews, and alleviate the fears they naturally have about you
  • Make you stand out far above others who are interviewing for the job
  • Prove that you can do the job, by showing the goals you set and exactly how you will hit them
  • Show how hiring you will ultimately benefit him or her, as your boss
  • Help him or her 'see' you in the role, which puts them half way to making you the offer
  • Create a discussion of your ideas to solve his or her problems, which psychologically moves them to see you as a partner, not an opponent (someone who could hurt his or her job performance)
This is why you need to bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan to your next interview. This post was originally published at an earlier date.
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